The Flute Player

The Flute has often symbolised knowledge and its Player is the Divine Musician, God.

In Raja Yoga meditation a very interesting perspective is that God is understood to be an eternally non-physical being, a point of immortal energy.

At the end of each cycle of Time, that is, at the end of every Play, the Divine Musician plays the music of knowledge through His instrument angel so that souls awaken and remember who they are. Human beings had forgotten that they were actors in the Play of Life, they identified with their costumes and now, as the old Play ends and the new one begins they need to remember and re-experience their spiritual identity. This renaissance of spirit is occurring now.

Since God is incorporeal, invisible it was very easy to confuse God with physical, human beings. Always a Being of Light,the Benevolent One, is not confined to a specific religion or culture that Being is the Friend and Benefactor of all.

God, the spiritual Father is seeing that He has given His children the treasure of imperishable happiness as a birthright and seeing to what extent each one of us has attained one’s own inheritance and the right in life.

video production: Vana Vougiouka
music: „The Garden” „Ο κήπος”

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