Prakash Mani

Double Light

To be double-light means to stabilise in the “form of light” of a soul,and you automatically become “light-hearted”.

Only those who are double-light are angels.

Angels are never tied in bondage to anyone. Because they are double-light, they are never attracted to the attractions of this old world.

To be double-light means constantly to experience the flying stage. Those who are light are constantly flying high, whereas those who are burdened remain down here. So, to be a double-light souls means to have no burden, because if you are burdened in any way, you are prevented from flying high. Whilst having a double responsibility, remain double-light. By remaining double-light, you will never become tired of your lokik responsibility, because you are a trustee, and a trustee can’t become tired. If you think that the household or family is yours, you are burdened. However, when nothing is yours, there can be no burden. Remain totally loving and detached, a master and a child.

Double-light means not to be burdened even by your nature or sanskars. Not to have any burden, even of your waste thoughts is called lightness. To the extent that you remain light, you will accordingly easily experience the flying stage. If you have to make the slightest effort to have yoga, there must definitely be some burden on you. So, take the support of „Baba, Baba!” and continue to fly. Constantly remember your aim of having to become equal to the Father. Just as the Father is light, you have to become double-light. When you look at others, you become weak. Therefore, look at the Father and follow the Father.
The elevated method to go into the flying stage is the one expression, „Everything is Yours”. So change the word, „Mine” into „Yours”. When you say, „It is Yours”, the soul becomes light and since everything belongs to Him, you become double-light.

In the beginning, you practised moving along in such a stage that others would feel that a light was passing by; they wouldn’t see your body. By practising this, you passed every type of test-paper. You will constantly remain safe when you are constantly seen in your form of light. As soon as they enter your service-place, they should see a fortress of light. Just as a huge machinery is powered by electricity, so too, whilst accomplishing anything, all of you should become double-light on the basis of being powered by a constant connection. When you have the stage of being double-light, all effort and difficulty finish. Stop feeling that you own something, and constantly feel yourself to be a trustee doing Godly service and you will become double-light. Anyone who comes into close contact with you should feel you to be spiritual and alokik.
Only your angelic form should be visible to them. Angels always life up above. Angels are portrayed with wings because they are flying birds.
Only when your mind has determination and your stage is double-light will you be able to constantly swing in the happiness and remove the obstacles and finish the difficulties of others. Your intellect should everything in such a way that nothing belongs to you, everything that ou have belongs to the Father. When you burden yourself in any way, all types of obstacles arise. When nothing is yours, you remain unburdened and obstacle-free. Whilst continuing to serve others, always consider yourself to be double light. The lighter you are in service, the more easily you will be able to fly and inspire others to fly. To serve whilst remaining double-light, and in remembrance is the basis of success.

It is essential to fulfil your responsibilities, but the greater your responsibilities are, the more you should remain double-light. Whilst fulfilling your responsibilities, remain beyond being burdened by them in any way; this is known as loving the Father. Since you have many responsibilities, do not worry about what you should do. Do not think, „Should I do this or not?” „This is very difficult to do.” To experience this means to be burdened. To be double-light means to go beyond this feeling. Your stage should not fluctuate in any way by your being burdened with responsibilities.

Those whose intellect constantly has total faith always remain in a double-light stage and completely carefree. They would always be in the flying stage. The flying stage is the highest of all stages. The feet of the intellect of such souls would not touch the ground. Not touching the ground means to be beyond body consciousness. Constant angels are those who remain above the ground of body consciousness. Now become so double-light that the vehicle of your divine intellect can stabilise you on the highest peak. Then give all souls of the world rays of light and might and spread waves of co-operation through your good wishes and pure feelings. The way to fly high in this vehicle is to follow BapDada’s elevated directions. You should not accumulate the rubbish of the dictates of your own mind or that of others in the slightest way.

When you constantly remain conscious of being a point, you will constantly remain double-light. A point has no burden. When you look at the centre of each eye, you can see a point. It is this point (iris) that sees everything. If you didn’t have this point, then even though you have eyes, you wouldn’t be able to see anything. So constantly remain conscious of your form and experience your flying stage. To consider yourself to be an instrument for service and remain double-light is your good fortune. Any type of burden will constantly stop you from experiencing happiness. The more you experience yourself to be double-light, the more multimillion-fold your fortune will increase.

Do not allow yourself to become heavy in any situation. When you constantly remain double-light, you will spend your days of happiness of the confluence age, your days of being in spiritual pleasure in a worthwhile way. If you become even slightly heavy, you become confused. Every day of the confluence age is valuable; each day is great. It is the time to earn an income. Continue to spend this time in a worthwhile way and earn an income in this way. When any adverse situation arises, remember that you are double-light. You have become children, that is, you have become light. Baba has removed the baskets of your burdens of many births from you, and made you light. Now, become a carefree emperor and remain double-light. When you have the stage of an emperor, you are able to control your physical organs.