BapDada’s A Royal Student

Dadi Prakashmani:

We should take strength from the murli and make sure that it removes our weaknesses. It is Baba’s blessing that we should use whatever we hear, throughout the day.
The confluence age is coming to an end. God Himself has come to create heaven. It is God’s task to purify the world and our part to come into heaven. Have the faith and intoxication that this is your part. People with a high position, also have a lot of responsibility and demands placed on them. We should never leave our seat, but stay in the stage of self-respect.
It is the thought of Baba the Director, that no actor should fail. Keep the honour of the Director. Baba has a lot of concern about how we play our part, He is watching in an incognito way.

By being a detached observer there is no fear and no worry. Whatever is going to happen will happen. We can’t control what’s going to happen. To make yourself unshakeable and constant don’t let go of your duty of keeping your thoughts still. Come into words and actions later, but first check yourself. Those who check themselves first, won’t have to change something later. Fluctuating causes tiredness.
That’s not the kind of dancing that Baba wants to see. Not that you get tired and fed up at every step. When you know what the result of body consciousness will be, don’t come into body consciousness.
Have attention to remain soul conscious. Pay attention to yourself. Don’t be afraid of obstacles, be free of them. Be fearless. Fearlessness comes through being free of all thoughts, through making God your own friend.

Baba accompanies us, He sits us on an elevated seat and does everything for us. He is such a companion, that there is no need for fear, confusion or sadness. Things will happen the way they are going to happen, not how I want them to. Losing is not the sign of a royal effort maker. Don’t count the hours of sleep or meals you get, but have the concern to pass without a blemish. We are becoming deities, and we shouldn’t even lose one birth in golden age. Those who have concern about earning an income keep their shop open late. Those who don’t know how to make effort will sleep. Those with the concern for effort won’t even think about sleep. Be carefree, but don’t be careless, because God is giving fortune in our hands.