Become one with self-respect # 1-24

Become one with self-respect #1

“Become one with self-respect, that is,

-one with all attainments and

-keep one point of self-respect in your awareness every day,

– put it into your practical form,

-be an intense effort maker and continue to move forward.

Make Bapdada sit in your heart and seat yourself in Bapdada’s heart.

Be fearless and a master almighty authority and continue to move along.

Continue to fly and make others fly.”

-Avyakt BapDada 03.04.12

Become one with self-respect #2

An Easy Constant Yogi :.

After amrit vela, whilst carrying out all my physical activities through the body, which transformation is necessary, through which I can become a constant, easy yogi?

“I am a living, most elevated idol, and this is a temple.

This body is the living temple of the living idol, and

I am decorating the temple.”

BapDada’s most beloved idol is seated in this temple.

And BapDada Himself remembers the rosary of the virtues of this idol.

BapDada Himself praises this idol.

This is a special temple of such a special idol.

To the extent that an idol is valuable, accordingly, on the basis of the idol, the temple also becomes valuable.

Become one with self-respect #3

A Brahmin soul, an incarnated soul:

At Amritvela as soon as I open my eyes, there is the thought that

“I am not this body, but I am a soul.

I, the Brahmin soul have incarnated in order to celebrate a meeting with the Father.”

Just as deity souls, satopradhan souls, come from the brahm element and incarnated at the beginning of the world, in the same way, at amrit vela, the first moment of the day, every day I the soul incarnate in this body.

Become one with self-respect #4

A confluence-aged Brahmin:

I am a confluence aged Brahmin. I have taken birth to the Father.

This present life of mine is remembered as a very valuable life. It is in this birth that I have to become like a diamond from a shell.

I, a Confluence-aged Brahmin take every step whilst living in the lap of love of the Father. The sign of a Brahmin life is that the sparkle of happiness is always practically visible. If I don’t have happiness, I don’t have a Brahmin life. The confluence age is not only for making effort and that happiness is experienced in the future birth as the reward.

-The most elevated time, -this most elevated birth and – the most elevated self respect are of this time.

It is only at this time, when I have the one thought of:

“Baba, I belong to You”, that, in return, I receive from Baba the experience in my every thought, word and deed that Baba belongs to me, that the Father belongs to me.

That the Bestower of Fortune Himself belongs to me. What else do I need when the Bestower of Blessings Himself belongs to me!

At this time I the confluence aged Brahmin accumulate so much treasure that it sustains me for many births.

By making my life as valuable as a diamond in this last birth I become one who play a hero part throughout the whole cycle. I am now aware of all the births I have taken in the cycle from the beginning to the end. It is at this time that I become knowledgeable.

The specialities of the Confluence Age are my specialities also. I maintain this awareness that I am a soul of Sangamyuga, the embodiment of all attainments.

Sangamyuga is the most auspicious Age and so the ones who play a part in this Age are also the highest ones. I am a spiritual, alokik, unique soul.

I become a detached observer and see how much sorrow there is in the world compared to the happiness that I have.

The Confluence age is the Age of experience. It is at this Age that I the confluence aged Brahmin experience all attainments. The experiences that are possible now are not possible in Satyug. The consciousness that are possible now will become merged in Satyug. It is here I have the experience of having found Baba. In Satyuga, there is nothing about Baba and so the Confluence Age is the Age to have this experience.

To be a Brahmin of the confluence age means that Success is my birthright.

There has to be success!

The impossible has to become possible because this age is the age of success. It is the age for the impossible to become possible. It is written in the horoscope of Brahmins that “success is your birthright.”

I, a Confluenced- Aged Brahmin, am studying through Brahma. I am sacrificing my vices in the sacrificial fire. Everything is sacrificed in a sacrificial fire.

I a confluencd aged Brahmin am a Soul with all rights every cycle.

The scenes of the previous cycle enter my intellect clearly. Today, I am a Brahmins and tomorrow, I will become a deity.

I constantly remember the mantra, “hum so, so hum” [What I was, I will become].

Become one with self-respect #5

A Raja Yogi

A raja yogi is a self sovereign soul, a care free emperor, one with right to the kingdom of the land that is free from sorrow:

I am a Raja Yogi.

A Raja Yogi means a yogi who is going to become a king.

Just as a king orders his ministers or his subjects to carry out a task, and they do it according to the system, in the same way, when I the soul who has a right to the kingdom with my power of yoga give an order to any of my physical organs, each organ functions under my control.

Not just all the physical organs of the body, but even the mind, intellect and sanskars function according to the directions of I a self-sovereign soul.

I am able to stabilise my thought power, that is, the mind whenever I wish, wherever I wish.

I have sovereignty even over my mind, intellect and sanskars.

I am not subservient to my sanskars.

I have the sanskars under my control and I use them for a task with the elevated principles.

I come into relationship and connection with others on the basis of my elevated sanskars.

The system of self-sovereignty is having a right over the self, that is, the soul:

over the mind, intellect and sanskars, and all the physical organs.

If any physical organ deceives me; sometimes my eyes deceive me;

-sometimes my words deceive me;

– sometimes my speech, that is, my lips deceive me;

if my sanskars are not under my control, then I am not said to be self-sovereign.

In fact, the physical organs or the mind, intellect and sanskars even in dreams can never deceive a soul who has a right to sovereignty, because he has a right.

A soul who has a right can never be subservient.

The spiritual intoxication of self-sovereignty make me experience being a Carefree emperor;

I become an emperor of the land that is free from sorrow.

The greatest emperors are those who are free from any worry, and the greatest kingdom is the kingdom of the land that is free from sorrow.

I remain seated on my immortal throne. I stay in the spiritual intoxication of my immortal throne.

I am the self-sovereign who is seated on an immortal throne.

Baba made me this!

Baba made each Brahmin child a king seated on a throne.

At this moment, I am a Raja Yogi in a practical way, that is, I have become the kingly child

[raj beta / raj beti.] of the Father.

Become one with self-respect #6

A karma yogi

Karma yoga means Karma and yoga are performed simultaneously. For a karma yogi the physical organs and the intellect have their own natural practice. A karma yogi has the companionship of the Father as a friend or partner and so his actions become light and elevated.

I am a karma yogi

So I perform Karma and yoga simultaneously.

Karma means action and Yoga means remembrance.

Just as I do not stop performing actions, so I cannot stop having remembrance.

This is known as being a karma yogi.

I cannot remain without performing action for even one second; to take support of the physical senses means to be constantly performing actions.

Just as I cannot remain without performing actions, in the same way, I cannot remain without having remembrance, that is, I cannot remain without having yoga for even one second.

This is why the word „yogi” is added to karma.

Just as my physical organs have the natural practice of constantly performing actions, so too, the intellect should have the natural practice of remembrance.

All the physical organs have their own eternal tasks to perform; I don’t have to labour to move my hands or feet.

In the same way, the intellect’s eternal task, the task from birth, in this Brahmin life and the life of the confluence age is remembrance.

Whatever the original and eternal task is in one’s life, it is natural and easy.

My action becomes elevated when the action and yoga both take place at the same time. I constantly check that I am a yogi whilst performing every action.

The soul and body are combined; if they become separated, then the body becomes a corpse. In the same way, if I do not have yoga whilst performing actions, then those actions would be useless.

I am A karma yogi and so I am one who does everything in the Father’s company.

I carry out my work whilst playing the part of a karma yogi.

A karma yogi is one who does everything in the Father’s company.

At the time when I am doing some karma yoga, whether it is lokik or alokik, the Almighty Authority is fulfilling His responsibility to me at every moment as my Companion and Friend. I will never find such a Friend again.

Sometimes He fulfils His responsibility in the form of my Friend, sometimes in the form of my Partner. He does this in His unique form of my Partner and constantly tells me:

Give Me all your burdens and you will constantly remain light. Whenever you have anything difficult to do, surrender it to Me and it will become easy.

In playing my part of a karma yogi, I use the treasures of the happiness of His Companionship and His constant Company.


People of the world say that karma is yoga. They do not believe karma to be separate from yoga. They consider karma to be yoga.

They think that to be a karma yogi means to have yoga with karma. However, there has to be a balance between karma and yoga. To remain busy in karma is not yoga. Whilst performing actions, there should be the experience of yoga.

When I become busy in performing actions, the actions become separate and the yoga is then left to one side. This is the carelessness that comes as I move along.

Become one with self-respect #7

The combined form of the soul and body.

The term combined-form does not mean ONE. It means two things are combined but they are not one

The soul and body are separate entities but are combined in the form of a human being.

The soul and body are eternally combined. My first combined form is that of the soul and body.

-By forgetting the combined form of the soul and body I have lost authority over the body.

By forgetting this combined form I became body conscious believing the soul and body to be one. The soul and body are not one but are combined. The key word is “combined”

I keep the combined form of my body and soul in my consciousness.

The body is creation and the soul is creator; this is my combined form of creator and creation.

This understanding easily reminds me of being the master, and gives me the feeling of being the highest authority.

It is I the soul who is making things move. I am not the one under the influence of things.

Gradually, over time, people combined the soul with the Supreme Soul and considered both to be one. The soul and Supreme Soul are not one but we can use the term combined. In the same way, instead of considering the body and soul to be separate, I have combined them and believed them to be one, and have thereby lost the awareness of my own authority.

In this way, I gradually became body conscious and forgot my combined form, believing the body and soul to be one.

Now, if one forgets oneself, what would be the result?

-That one would lose everything.

I once again remind myself that my eternally combined form is that of the soul and the body. I the soul am combined with the body. This understanding makes me soul- conscious. It gives me control and makes me the master of the body. It gives me authority.

Become one with self-respect #8

The combined form of Shiva and Shakti.

I am a shiv shakti.

I emerge my image adorned with the ornaments and the image with eight arms.

To be one with eight arms means to I have eight powers.

I see clearly my form of an embodiment of eight powers in front of me.

I am combined with Shiv Baba.

It is remembered of the Shaktis that they are Shaktis that are merged in Shiv Baba.

I constantly stay in remembrance of Shiv Baba.

Shiva and the Shaktis are praised together as shiv shaktis.

The soul and the body are together; while a soul is playing a part through the body in this world, they cannot be separated, in the same way, Shiva and the Shaktis also have such a deep connection.

It is because of this deep connection that there is the praise of Shiv Shaktis.

I constantly experience His company, I do not simply remember the praise.

I remember His constant company that no one can ever separate this company.

No one can ever break this relationship. While having this experience, I constantly move along while being an embodiment of all powers, merged in Shiva. Maya cannot cause any obstacles in my love for Him.

It is said: Two together are equal to ten. So, when Shiva and I the Shakti are both together, can anyone do anything to such a Shakti? No other power can attack or defeat me when I am in the form of this double Shakti.

If I am being defeated or attacked by Maya, then I need to check:

Am I stabilised in the form of a Shiv Shakti?

Am I stabi]ised in my form of the eight powers, the complete and perfect form?

If even one power out of the eight powers is lacking, can I be praised in the way that the eight-armed Shaktis have been praised?

I constantly check myself to see whether I am moving along as a Shiv Shakti with the eight powers. I am aware that those who have constantly adopted the eight powers can come within the eight special deities. If I experience any one power lacking in myself, then it is difficult to come within the eight deities.

The eight deities are praised and worshipped by the whole world as the special deities. I must constantly continue to imbibe the eight powers within myself.

By constantly considering myself to be a Shiv Shakti, one with eight arms or eight powers, I firstly constantly have the experience of companionship, and secondly, constantly experience my stage to be that of a detached observer.

I experience being both a companion and a detached observer.

The experience of companionship is the experience of the avyakt stage. By imbibing the eight powers, I constantly, easily and automatically experience these two stages.

I experience them in the same way as when I have the company of someone in a physical way. I do not experience myself to be alone or weak.

Similarly, I have the awareness of the Almighty Authority Shiva and the Shaktis, then, while walking and moving around, I experience it as though I am physically together in His company and that His hand is in my hand.

I have His company and His hand. The company is the constant love of the intellect, and the hand is the hand of shrimat.

With His hand on me, I become fearless and the form of a Shakti and I become ready to perform any task, no matter how difficult it may be. With the experience of the hand of shrimat on me, I do not become afraid of any difficult situation or obstacle of Maya. With the help of the hand, with courage, I find it easy to face any situation.

Become one with self-respect #9

Vishnu the combined form of Lakshmi and Narayan:

The four armed Image- Vishnu.

Today we reflect on our future perfect form represented by the four- armed image Vishnu.

In the future Golden Age there is no being with four arms.

The four armed image Vishnu represents the combined form of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan who were 16 celestial degrees complete, full of all divine virtues and talents, completely vice-less and completely non violent.

The ornaments shown in the four arms namely conch shell, swadarshanchakra, lotus and mace represent knowledge, cycle of self realization, lotus like life and victory over the vices.

We mouth-born creation of Brahma, decoration of the Brahmin clan, are spinners of the discus of self- realisation. We souls have the knowledge of the world cycle. The incorporeal Father gives us the conch shell of knowledge at this time of the Confluence Age and makes us victorious over the vices and our life like a lotus.

Although the symbols are adorned on Vishnu it is not Vishnu who gives knowledge. The symbols truly belong to Brahmins of the Confluence Age but because Brahmins have not yet become perfect and their stage fluctuates they are not given these symbols.

It is we souls who have the knowledge of the world cycle. Deities do not have this knowledge.

The discus of self-realisation is a symbol of the final stage.

The discus of self-realisation has to be permanent, and this is why it is given to Vishnu. These are very deep matters.

There are other symbolic memorials of Vishnu one of which it is remembered that Vishnu used to live in the ocean of milk. Heaven is called the ocean of milk where Lakshmi and Narayan rule. It is not that Vishnu rests there in an ocean of milk.

Vishnu is always shown smiling regardless of the circumstances even if there is the situation of sorrow.

Vishnu indicates the way someone is living the life of an easy yogi.

It is the snake which is portrayed as the bed of Vishnu.

Vishnu made the snake his bed. Vishnu made the snake subservient; he became one with a right over the snake.

To make that snake into our bed means to become victorious. The snake of the vices becomes our bed which means that it becomes subservient to us, and so we became carefree.

Those who are victorious are constantly as carefree as Vishnu and constantly remain cheerful. Only when we continue to churn this knowledge will we remain cheerful and happy.

This image is of those who have become Baba’s children and have also remained victorious. We need to always check ourselves as to whether we have made the vices subservient to us; whether we have defeated them. We souls should always remain in a stage of comfort. It is not a question of giving rest to our body in the form of sleep; our bones have to be given in service anyway, but it is the carefree stage of the soul that is the actual rest.

The message from the four armed symbol is:

At this time the soul is filling in itself the sanskaras of both Lakshmi and Narayan. We will be sometimes like Lakshmi and sometimes like Narayan there.

We must let our future fruit of such a combined form be always that clear. Today an angel and tomorrow a deity: one moment an angel and the next moment a deity: our rule is about to come; it is going to be established at any moment. Let these thoughts be so clear and powerful because only if such clear and powerful thoughts are emerged they will bring our kingdom closer.

Our emerged thoughts will create the new world, i.e. they will change the world. If our thought is merged, then the new world cannot be emerged.

So, whilst staying amidst the ocean of poison, to make the five vices a bed for our rest, peace and happiness, that is, to become the conquerors of the vices from now and for all time and remain engaged in the churning of knowledge and in celebrating a meeting with the Father. Those who are stabilised in such a stage, that is, those who are constantly absorbed in the meeting with the Father are constantly free from obstacles. If we are not absorbed in deep love, then there are definitely obstacles.

Become one with self-respect #10

The lotus like-stage:

By being seated on a lotus seat, I can constantly remain yogyukt. To be like a lotus is to perform every action whilst remaining free from the bondage of any vice. Those who become like a lotus will constantly remain cheerful and beyond any attraction. The lotus is a symbol of the family path and whilst living in an impure atmosphere, they remain totally detached.

I realize that the seat to become constantly yogyukt is the lotus seat, the seat of a lotus flower.

People speak of a lotus seat. They portray the images of the deities on a lotus. Whilst constantly performing actions, if I make my stage like that of a lotus flower, then I can easily become yogyukt.

In order to be a lotus flower and stabilise myself in this stage, on this seat I have to make myself light; to be light and also to be the form of light.

The lotus like stage is so gyan-yukt. On seeing a lotus, I have the awareness of knowledge.

Whilst performing actions I practice to never leave my seat. I Always keep the stage of a lotus seat, that is, constantly remain stabilised in this stage.

I need to make myself free from all types of bondage and to make myself light. That is, I have to practise to constantly be stabilised on the lotus seat.

I need to check time and again if I am constantly seated on the lotus-like elevated seat of Brahmin life?

The lotus-like stage is to be loving and beyond the attraction of the physical organs whilst performing actions.

Not only should I be loving and detached in my awareness, but every action at every second should be performed in a loving and detached stage.

In memory of this, devotees praise each of my sense organs as the lotus eyes [kamal nain], the lotus-mouth [kamal muck] and the lotus-hands[kamal hast].

I ask myself:

Has every physical organ of mine become like a lotus?

Have my eyes become like a lotus?

Have my hands become like a lotus?

To be like a lotus is to perform every action whilst remaining free from the bondage of any vice.

A lotus has many relations. A lotus is not alone; it is a symbol of family-life. Brahmin souls are those who become as totally detached as a lotus whilst living with their family, whether lokik or alokik; whilst living in an impure atmosphere, they remain totally detached.

I see the body, but when I see the body through my lotus eyes, I will not be bound by the attraction of the body. It is just as a lotus is detached from the water whilst growing in the water, that is, it is beyond the pull of the attraction of water; it remains detached from all the different relations.

Master creators would have the same virtues as the Creator.

Only those who are constantly seated on this throne can remain free from bondage and constantly yogyukt.

I must check to what extent I am free from the bondage of the five vices and the five elements. Am I a soul who is caught up in this or am I one who is totally free?

As soon as each Brahmin soul takes birth, BapDada gives a divine intellect and a divine eye as a blessing of birth. All Brahmins receive a birthday gift from Baba. I need to check if I know how to look after my birthday gift. If I always use this gift accurately, then I will constantly remain like a lotus, constantly seated on the lotus seat.

I must constantly check to what extent have all my sense organs have become lotus-like? Those who become like a lotus will constantly remain cheerful and beyond any attraction. If I am attracted to something, I am not able to remain cheerful. I must take my intellect away from all those things.

Become one with self-respect #11

One seated on the heart throne:

I am one who is seated on the heart-throne or throne of the Father’s heart.

The Father’s heart has become my throne. The throne of the Father’s heart or heart- throne is the throne of the confluence age.

The throne of the confluence age is the throne of BapDada’s heart. This throne is more elevated than the thrones of the whole world.

It is the most elevated throne of the entire kalpa. No matter how big a throne there is at the Golden Age, what is that compared to this throne?

If I have a throne, I will also have a crown. I cannot have the crown without the throne. BapDada makes me wear the crown and seats me on the throne at the confluence age. On the basis of this throne and crown, I receive the future crown and throne.

If I do not adopt it now, how will I be able to adopt it in the future?

The basis is the confluence age. I have to wear the crown and also apply a tilak.

The crown, the tilak and the throne are the greatest attainments of the confluence age. Compared to this attainment, the future kingdom is nothing. Those who have not claimed the crown and the throne of the confluence age have not claimed anything.

The crown is that of the responsibility of bringing benefit to the world. Until I wear this crown, I cannot sit on the heart-throne of BapDada.

I realise that to be seated on the heart-throne I must give my heart to the Comforter of Hearts in order to claim the Father’s heart.

To win the Father’s heart means to become the world benefactors and bestow all powers to the whole world.

The heart throne of the Father is the basis of the three thrones.

The three thrones are the

-throne of the forehead or the immortal image,

-the throne of the world, and

-the most elevated heart-throne of the Father.

I experience myself being seated on these three thrones

„I, the elevated soul, have been seated on these 3 thrones many times” – I experience the awareness of many times so clearly and easily as though it is of the present time. Not that it is a matter of some time ago, but of the present time!

The basis of all these thrones is to be seated on BapDada’s heart-throne.

The main method to be seated on the heart throne is for this is Honesty. Wherever there is honesty, that is, wherever there is truth, as well as honesty there will definitely also be cleanliness there.

It is also remembered: “The Lord is pleased with an honest heart.”

Only when I remember the throne will I be able to sit on it. I practice to remain seated on the heart throne constantly.

I check that in my Brahmin life, for how long do I now remain seated on my immortal throne and for how long do I remain seated on the heart-throne?

If I am constantly seated on my immortal throne, that is, if I am always seated on my immortal throne, then I will also remain seated on the heart-throne all the time. The two are connected. If I am only sometimes seated on the throne of my Brahmin life, then, in the future too, I would not be able to sit on the throne for the full half cycle

Become one with self-respect #12

One who is multimillion times fortunate:

I am one who is multimillion times fortunate- Padma padam bhagyashali.

I am earning an income of multimillions at every step.

I am a master of countless multimillions.

The praise of a handful out of multimillions, and a few out of that handful, is the praise of all of us.

This is because to know the Father who comes in an ordinary form and

to know His task is the part of only a few.

I now know Him, accept Him and have attained Him.

Since the Master of the World belongs to me, it is as if the whole world is mine.

When one has a seed in his hand, it is like holding the tree. I have found the One I was looking for. I found God whilst sitting at home. I am experiencing such much happiness.

I maintain the happiness that God has made me belong to Him,

Having found the Father, I have found everything. This is the greatest happiness. The mind continually dances in this happiness. What could possibly be a matter of greater happiness!

Out of the multimillions of the entire world, there are only a handful who are remembered as those who have found the Father. We are in that handful.

Not only do we know the Father, but together with knowing, we have also attained the One we wanted to attain-jo pana that paliya. All are God’s children, but we souls are His direct children.

We are the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris of the clan of Shiva.

Out of the entire world, none of the souls who are great or well-known in the field of religion or monarchy, that is, none of those who have become religious founders, or who are called jagadgurus, have received the alokik birth or sustenance from the Mother and Father.

We elevated souls, we multimillion-times fortunate souls, are worthy to receive the love and remembrance of the Mother and Father and all relationships every day.

Neither the jagadgurus nor the religious founders have the fortune that we elevated souls have of taking shrimat personally from the Father.

We are the mouth-born progeny; we heard it straight from His mouth. Which souls have such fortune? It is such great fortune!

Our great fortune must remain in our awareness.

Because of being the direct children who experience all relationships as well as that of the Mother and Father, we easily claim the inheritance of the kingdom of the world.

Only we souls attain the complete attainment of the beginning period of the world, the golden age, which is the satopradhan stage.

All the rest of the souls only come down after the middle period begins. They attain the rajopradhan form of happiness and kingdom.

We souls attain both the religion and the kingdom, whereas all the rest of the souls have a religion and not a kingdom or they have a kingdom and not a religion because, from the copper age onwards, kingdom and religion become distinct from one another.

The sign of this is that, within the entire drama, only we are double-crowned.

The complete attainment, that is, the elevated attainment of all the happiness we have received through the body, mind, wealth, relations and nature is not attained by any other souls!

Understand how fortunate we are that God Himself glorifies our fortune! I constantly keep this fortune of mine in my awareness.

Become one with self-respect #13

Possessor of the third eye-TRINETRI:

I am one who is a possessor of the third eye, Trinetri .

Divya Chakshu Daata[ Bestower of the third eye], Divya Buddhi Daata [Bestower of divine intellect]Beloved Bapdada has bestowed on Brahmins the third eye.

The third eye is the eye of knowledge. With this special blessing from the Bestower of Blessings I am able to see the soul, to see the spiritual world and to see the new world.

With my third eye open I am able to see what the reality of the world is. This third eye is the divine eye, which when open, reveals clearly the path as well as the aim of life. By means of this eye, I see and know what the soul and the Supreme Soul are like and also all about the Subtle world and the Incorporeal World.

This is called ‘the Eye of knowledge’, because it can be opened by means of divine knowledge given by the Supreme Father Himself.

Only he acquires this knowledge whose soul, abiding as it does in the middle of the forehead, is awakened.

With my third eye open I am able to recognize Maya in her most subtle forms.

With my third eye open I become a seer of the three aspects of time [Trikaldarshi’. None has the power to call himself trikaldarshi. Only Brahmins, through whom the sacrificial fire is created, are trikaldarshi.

The Supreme Father First of all, gives light, then He gives might and thirdly, He gives divine insight, that is, the third eye. It is these three things that make me an intense effort-maker to become like the Father. It is through the third eye, that is, the divine insight that I receive with this light and might, I can know my past, present and future lives.

Now, I keep my third eye always focused on the target in a very stable way. This third eye, the eye of the divine intellect must be stable and constant. To be stable means to be focused on the One. My stage should be visible as being lost in love.

I realize that I can give others a vision of the third eye through my forehead; I give a vision of the third eye when there is a sparkle on the forehead and intoxication in the eyes is visible.

When one’s eyes are not well, the eyelids constantly flutter. If the third eye is accurately functioning, that is, if the intellect is clean in an accurate way, then it will be stable. The sign of dust is fluctuation. The sign of perfect health is stability. My third eye should always remain stable.

I need to also check if my third eye opens and close very quickly or does it remain constantly open?

When people are lost in remembrance of someone, their eyes become still.

In the same way, only those who are lost in the remembrance of The One Father will they be able to stabilise themselves in the stage of perfection. Otherwise, they will not be able to remain still.

If there is some dust, I must remove it quickly.

If people are having a vision of me and my image keeps on fluctuating, what vision will they have? When someone’s photo is about to be taken, the photographer asks him to stop moving about. If he moves, the photograph will be spoilt. In the same way, what vision will others have of me if my stage keeps on fluctuating? Just as I make myself very stable at the time of being photographed, in the same way, I always think that my bhagats are having a vision of me at every moment.

It is only then I will become an image that grants visions, that is, an image of stability. Otherwise, bhagats will not have a clear vision. In order to grant a clear vision, a stable intellect and a constant stage are essential.

As my third eye becomes clearer and better the things of the distant future will appear very near. At present, I say in words that I did it five thousand years ago. Later, as my third eye becomes clearer these words will change.

The words five thousand years will become something of this kalpa.

Everything of five thousand years ago will be so clear in my intellect; it will be as though they are just a matter of yesterday. Just as with the instruments of science, such as the binoculars, everything seems very clear and close, so too my third eye will see and experience all the things of the previous kalpa clearly and very close.

Become one with self-respect #14


I am a jewel of the forehead. My goal is to stay in the consciousness of being a soul in the centre of the forehead for a long period.

I realize that to become a jewel of the forehead is most elevated.

The soul itself is the immortal image. The throne of the soul is the forehead. They have the symbol of this for that is why they apply a tilak on the forehead.

My forehead should give the vision of the jewel on the forehead,.

Through my forehead, I become a bestower of blessings and a great donor and remind everyone of their original form.

Nothing except the form of the soul should be visible from my forehead, that is, the awareness in the intellect and in my vision: nothing else should enter my consciousness. I have to become such a constant tapaswi.

Everyone’s vision first goes to the forehead, and so I have to become such a jewel of the forehead.

I am reminded of Brahma Baba whom many have had the fortune of meeting personally and experiencing his company during his last few months. They would have noticed that Brahma Baba was no longer a corporeal being but that he had attained the avyakt angelic form. A few years before, Brahma Baba would listen to little matters, he used to give time, but now he was not listening to these little matters and the reason was that he was spending that time in constant remembrance.

Children noticed that sparkling on his forehead a shining star visible.

Become one with self-respect #15

SWADARSHANCHAKRADHARI [a spinner of the discus of self-realization]

I am a swadarshanchakradhari Brahmin.

A swadarshanchakradhari means one who spins the cycle of self-realization.

BapDada has given me the title swadarshanchakradhari.

A spinner of the discus of self realization does not mean one who spins a discus that cuts someone’s throat. They have portrayed Krishna spinning a discus, and they say that he killed devils with it. There is nothing like that.

This is why it is said: Continue to spin the discus of self-realization and your sins will be absolved. These are the matters of knowledge. The more I spin this discus, the more my sins will be absolved. Maya, Ravan’s throat is cut with this. There is no question of violence in this.

I understand that when I spin the discus of self-realization, on the one hand, my sins are absolved and, on the other hand, the account of my imperishable status accumulates.

Why have they given the Swa-darshan-chakra to Krishna and Vishnu?

It us because we Brahmins have not yet become perfect. We continue to fluctuate.

The discus of self-realisation is a symbol of the final stage. Today we spin the discus of self-realization and tomorrow we would be defeated by Maya and fall. Therefore, how could those ornaments be given to us? The discus of self-realisation has to be permanent, and this is why it is given to Vishnu. These are very deep matters.

I now have the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Deities do not have this knowledge in Satyuga.

While spinning the discus of self realization I check if I spin it constantly or whilst spinning the discus of self-realisation, do I sometimes spin the discus of looking at others? [It is self realization not the realization of others.]

I do not spin the ‘pardarshan’ chakra [looking at others ]but the ‘swardarshan’ chakra. [looking at the self]

Now as a swadarshanchakradhari Brahmin I must cut away the ‘par-’ of

– ‘par-chintan’ (thinking about others),

-‘par-darshan’ (looking at others),

-‘par-mat’ (dictates of others) and

‘par-sang’ (bad company of others), and

become ‘par-upkari’ [those who uplift others].

Those who have become a master of the self at this time become a sovereign of the world in the future.

Those who spin the discus of self-realisation claim a right to self-sovereignty and to the sovereignty of the world. I constantly check if I have become a master of the self.

I have the understanding that in order to claim a right to the kingdom, I need controlling power. When I am able to make my physical organs do whatever I want, I am called one who has all rights. I check if I have such controlling power. Do my eyes or my lips sometimes deceive me? When I have controlling power, none of my physical organs can deceive me even in my thoughts.

I check if the discuss of self- realization constantly spins. Where the cycle of self-realization spins, there is liberation from obstacles because the swadarshanchakra is that which finishes all the obstacles of maya. Maya cannot exist where the cycle of self-realisation spins. The more I become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation, the more I will conquer Maya.

I let there always be the consciousness „I am the destroyer of obstacles” It is this thought that will finish all obstacles, because it is the thought that creates the form.

I realize that to become swadarshanchakradhari, that is, to have complete knowledge of the cycle means to be free from all other limited cycles.

The two words, mine and yours, make me get caught in a cycle of sorrow and these very two words also help me to be freed from the perishable cycle of sorrow and make me the heirs to all achievements. I become free from many types of cycles and claim one swadarshan-chakradhari, that is, I become the possessors of the swadarshanchakra [the wheel of the three aspects of time]. The reason why I get caught in any type of cycle,

-either body,

-mind or

-wealth or even

– other relationships and contacts is that I leave the swadarshanchakra.

The swardarshanchakra is always shown spinning on just one finger. It’s not five fingers or three fingers.

One finger means just one thought and that thought is, I am Baba’s and Baba is mine. It is on this one thought, in the form of one finger, on which the swadarshanchakra spins. If I leave one thought and go into many thoughts I get entangled in many cycles.

Swadarshanchakradhari means to realise the self [to see the self] and become constantly content. If no self realisation then instead of being contentment it becomes a stage of questions. In the stage of contentment, there are no questions. Therefore, swadarshanchakradhari means a stage of contentment where one is an heir to all achievements

As soon as I become Baba’s child there is the vision of the self. To be Baba’s child means to become swadarshanchakradhari: Those who are able to spin the discuss of self-realisation are also the ones who are the world benefactors, because they are the ones who are the destroyers of obstacles.

In the early morning hours of nectar, I just remember, “Who am I?” and remain powerful.

I check if the spinning in the different types of awareness has finished or is there still something that pulls me towards itself?

If, even now, I still go around in the awareness of something wasteful, I cannot attain the confluence-aged title of being a spinner of the discus of self-realisation.

I have spent sixty-three births in going around in many different wasteful things. Why do I allow the same sanskars to emerge even now at the confluence age, even against my conscious wish? Do I experience attainment or disappointment when spinning around?

Having gone around the sixty-three births and wasted everything, having forgotten the self and the Father, have I yet not become sufficiently tired that I still keep on going around?

Whilst having imperishable attainment, does perishable, temporary attainment still attract me?

Now I have it in my intellect how I take eighty- four births. I definitely was satopradhan and then I went through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Now, at the confluence age, I am becoming satopradhan once again.

Become one with self-respect #16

A Master almighty authority:

Baba the Almighty Authority has made me His child and so I am a master almighty authority. Almighty means one with all powers.

Can one who is stabilized in the stage of self respect of being a master almighty authority say he does not have power?

The Almighty Father Himself is with me:

I have the authority of the Almighty Father Himself. Souls of the world would only have one or two authorities. Some would be an authority of science, some an authority of the scriptures, some an authority of medicine and some an authority of engineering.

The World Almighty Authority now belongs to me. Since the World Almighty Authority Father belongs to me, all the authorities of the world belong to me too.

In my effort:

I am one who performs all tasks with the authority of the Almighty Father. I have this much unshakeable faith so that no one is able to shake that faith. I constantly remember my authority.

I am moving on the basis of the most elevated authority of all. When I constantly remember this authority, then in my effort, I never experience the path to be difficult. No matter how great the task is, with the support of the Almighty Authority, I experience it to be extremely easy.

Before performing any action, I keep the Authority in front of me, and I am able to easily judge whether I should perform a particular action or not.

Victory is guaranteed for the master almighty authority when there is the practical experience of the stage.

When I consider myself to be an almighty authority, I am automatically able to imbibe three main things within myself- nischaya, nasha and Nirbayatha.[ faith, intoxication and fearlessness]

Generally anyone with authority no matter what kind of authority someone has, even those who have ordinary authority have three things within them: firstly, faith, secondly, intoxication and thirdly, fearlessness.

Because of having these three things, even when those with that authority are wrong or inaccurate, they speak and move along whilst having such determined faith in their intellect. To the extent that they have faith, accordingly, they speak with that much intoxication and fearlessness.

In the same way, when someone tries to defeat me in any way, I cannot be defeated when I the master almighty authority, one with the most elevated authority of all, have as my basis, fearlessness, faith and intoxication. I will constantly be victorious!

It is one thing to have total faith in the knowledge and the Father, but whenever I perform actions or speak words, I should have all these three qualifications. The aspect of the practical is a different matter. I must have practical experience.

When I have these three things in my every action and every word, then my every word and every action will reveal the Almighty Authority.

By forgetting my self respect of being a master almighty authority, my actions become ordinary.

I the master almighty authority can fulfill any thought.

Since I am a master almighty authority, one with all powers, then to fulfill a thought is also a power and so with the self respect of being a master almighty authority I can fulfill any thought.

I the master almighty authority can overcome any waste. Waste thoughts cannot come to me the master almighty authority.

Every day at Amrit Vela I give myself the “tilak” of being a Master Almighty Authority.

With this sacred mark on my forehead, maya cannot oppose me.

This tilak is a sign of victory.

I the master almighty authority am reminded of the picture of Shri Krishna
holding the globe of the world in his hands. Because he is the master
of the world, the globe of the world is shown in his hands.

In the same way because at present I am a master world benefactor in my head I am aware that all the souls of the world are close to me.

Whilst I sit here I am able to give souls of the world rays of peace and power within a second on the basis of my elevated feelings and good wishes.

I the master sun of knowledge can enlighten everyone
in the world and benefit them.

I use my angelic form. I become the Bindi [point of light] and put on my costume of light and fly away in the angelic Aeroplane to the angelic region.

There I emerge myself standing with Bapdada in my costume of light and see the
globe of the world below me. I emerge my form of the “master ocean of peace” and “master almighty authority” and spread rays of peace and power to all souls on the globe below.

I a master almighty am one who has total control of my mind and intellect.

I now take my mind and intellect to the Soul’s World and
stabilise myself in the one single thought –

-“I am the master ocean of peace”, –

-“Shanti [Peace] is my religion [Swadharam],

-Shanti is my form [Swarup],

-Shanti is my true and original nature [Swabhav]”.

-I send vibrations of peace to the world.

Become one with self-respect #17

A master creator:

A master creator has the aim to be transformed and to transform.

I Always have the aim that I have to be transformed and I have to transform. I cannot say “I will be transformed if someone is transformed.”

I must have the rule of love over souls at this time.

I must not give orders. I must not become the world emperors at this time.

At present, I have to become world servers!

Where there is love, there will definitely be co-operation.

Master creator souls are Baba’s helper and a master world benefactor:

How do master creators think?

Now is the time for world Benefit.

If even now, I continue to give time to my own self, then when will I give all my time to world benefit by becoming Baba’s helper and a master world benefactor? What is the last stage? The last stage is that of being a world benefactor.

Now, day and night, we must try to use our every second and every thought in the task of world benefit or in service.

In a lokik way also, when one becomes the creator of a lokik creation, then by being the creator, instead of giving time to his own self, he uses his time for the creation.

If the creation is extremely sorrowful, extremely diseased, extremely peaceless, then the attention of the creators, the parents, is fully on that. It is as though they have forgotten their own selves. That is a limited creation, but

we are the master creators of the unlimited world. Previously, we gave time to ourselves, but the present stage is that of being master creators. It is not a question of just one or two.

The souls of the entire world are unhappy, peaceless, diseased beggars. We have to become benefactors and make the unlimited creation happy and peaceful, and so we should have the attention of being unlimited creators.

I need to check

if even now, a lot of time is being used for the self. Is my time spent in battling or do I also use my time for world benefit?

Now, the little remaining time is for world benefit.

By being server for others, or by using my time and thoughts for others, by being serviceable, I will automatically become successful, because I automatically receive the instant fruit of making all souls happy and peaceful.

When I do service, the account of it accumulates, and I automatically receive the attainment of the instant fruit of service. So why should I not become a constant server?

To give to others means to fill the self. So why do I take a separate time for my own progress? If I am able to carry out two tasks in the time of one, if I have double attainment, why do I use my time for a single attainment?

I need to have a balance between the self and service. I cannot forget the self and I cannot forget doing world service. How long does it take to go around the whole world? I am the child of the Master of the World, and so I become a master and go around the world. Since I am able to tour the three worlds, it isn’t a big thing to go around the world.

I must become a master creator and look after the world. I must let go of the carelessness of childhood and use my time and powers for service in a worthwhile way.

Time is creation. I am a master creator. A creator is not dependent on his creation. Time, our creation, is going to follow our orders.

We must remain ever-ready! We must remain free from any support!

We challenge others to claim their inheritance of liberation-in-life in a second. So, can we not attain liberation-in-life in a second?

Master creators budget their thoughts words and actions so none of these go to waste. This is a method to look after the creation.

Master creator souls can hear the sound of any soul, no matter how far away that soul may be in the world. Through the power of silence, he should be able to hear the sound of the mind of any soul as clearly as if that soul was physically with him and speaking to that person. He is able to see that soul’s peacelessness of mind and state of sorrow as clearly as one would see a scene or a person on T.V

Master creators are like world mothers.

Together with service, there should be a lot of mercy. And, together with that, there should also be the happiness of correcting the things that are inaccurate. You have to give them everything very clearly, but with love.

By your being the embodiment of love, they will experience the form of the world mother.

A master creator makes every power work under his orders.

Before I begin any action, I invoke the power required according to the action. I order it as a master because all of these powers are like my arms: my arms cannot do anything without my orders. Order the power of tolerance to make a task successful and see how success is guaranteed. However, instead of issuing an order, I become afraid and wonder whether I will be able to do it or not. When I have such fear, I am not able to issue an order. Therefore, I must be a master creator and become fearless to make every power work according to your order.

What consciousness do a master creator has?

I have the consciousness of each soul and the elements of nature as my creation, and have good wishes and pure feelings of benefit for each one, in the stage of being world benefactors.

This is the feeling that a creator has for his creation. When you become the masters of the unlimited then no limited attraction can attract towards it.

The seed, the creator of the tree, always comes up above when it is the final stage of the tree. In the same way, the unlimited master creator will experience himself to be standing on top of the Kalpa Tree. Together with Baba, the soul will become the master seed on the tree and spread the rays of powers, virtues, good wishes, pure feelings, love and co-operation.

The sun automatically spreads its rays over the entire world because it is high above. In the same way, can I become master creator and master seed and give rays and water to the entire tree?

So how many children the master creator has? The entire world becomes creation! To have the blessing of being master creator is known as receiving the blessing for many children.

This is known as becoming equal to Baba. So as soon as each one took birth, Baba has given all these blessings to all Brahmin souls.

When someone receives a blessing then together with that blessing, the method of using the blessing is also told. If that method is not adopted then the soul is not able to take benefit from that blessing.

I can increase each blessing with the accurate method. How can it increase? The method for this is the easiest and the most elevated. The blessing should be remembered according to the time and by remembering it, you will become powerful and I will become the embodiment of success. The more I use it according to the time, the more the blessing will continue to increase, that is, you will constantly experience the fruit of the blessings. We have received such elevated blessings, powerful blessings, that not only can we achieve fruits by using them for ourselves, but we can also make other souls worthy to claim blessings from Baba, the Bestower of Blessings.

Become one with self-respect #18

A Master ocean of knowledge.

Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. No matter how much we hear His Knowledge, we cannot become the Ocean of knowledge.

There is just one ocean.

We can be called rivers of knowledge, Ganges of knowledge. Only the one Father is the Ocean of Knowledge.

Since we become His children we become knowledge-full and can be called master knowledge-full.

To be knowledge-full means to be a master ocean of knowledge. As we have become master knowledge-full, it is with knowledge, that is, it is with understanding that we have claimed all rights. If we lack understanding and wisdom, we would have less rights.

Salvation is received through knowledge. It is as though we fill an urn from that Ocean of Knowledge. He gives us jewels of knowledge through which the whole world receives salvation.

Many have knowledge of the scriptures. God has something new, something that no scholar etc., would know.

We receive knowledge of two main things: We can call it Alpha and beta or the Creator and the creation. The entire knowledge is included in that of the creation and the entire knowledge is also included in the Creator.

We have to understand the entire knowledge of the Creator.

Just to listen to the knowledge does not mean to know it. To know means

– to accept it and

-to move according to it.

Such ones are called knowledge-full. Those who know, accept and also move according to that.

If they do not accept and move according to that, then they can neither be called knowledge-full nor the embodiment of knowledge. To accept and to move according to that means to become the embodiment.

Knowledge-full souls are enlightened souls.

What is the sign of enlightened, or sensible souls?

The children of the Ocean of Knowledge never make any mistake for which they would have to repent afterwards

They will perform every action after thinking about it and carefully considering it. They will never perform any actions which they would have to think about afterwards. If one thinks about something afterwards, then together with the thinking, there is also repentance. Those who do something first thinking about it have attainment, whereas those who think about it after doing it have to repent. This is the difference between enlightened and ignorant souls. The children of the Ocean of Knowledge never make any mistake for which they would have to repent afterwards.

Knowledge makes one a destroyer of obstacles.

The memorial of Brahmins is the form of being the destroyer of obstacles. Ganeshji is called the destroyer of obstacles.

Who is a destroyer of obstacles?

To destroy the obstacles that come in front of us, that is, to be victorious, and also destroy the obstacles of others; this is called being a destroyer of obstacles

This is why the form of the memorial of the destroyer of obstacles, that is, of Ganesh, is also called the Lord of Knowledge.

He became a destroyer of obstacles by becoming the Lord of knowledge, that is, by becoming the embodiment of knowledge.

Knowledge is not just understanding the soul, the Supreme Soul, matter and the drama.

To be the embodiment of knowledge means to know the result of the beginning, the middle and the end of each action, and then to perform the action. Such souls are called the embodiment of knowledge, the Lord of Knowledge.

If we do not have the power to perform every action whilst being trikaldarshi, we cannot be called the lord of knowledge, the embodiment of knowledge.

Speaking knowledge is separate from the listening to knowledge.

To be the embodiment of knowledge means that through each action, through being the embodiment of knowledge, we become the destroyers of obstacles.

Knowledge means understanding. The result for those who perform actions with understanding is Success; if there is even the slightest lack of understanding, then that action will not be successful, but only partly successful.

We must know the result of the beginning, the middle and the end, and then perform the action: this is being the lord of knowledge.

We cannot think and try to understand something after we have done it. We must think about it first and then do it. If we first do something and then think about it later, we cannot be called sensible.

Master knowledge-full souls have spiritual authority.

What is spiritual authority?

Just as we are able to use your physical senses when and how you want: if we wish to raise or lower our hand, we are able to do that, and so just as we are able to become the masters of the physical senses and use them for a task whenever we want, in the same way, when we are able to use our thoughts and intellect whenever we want then it can be said we have spiritual authority.

If we do not have this practice, we cannot be called master knowledge-full.

To be knowledge-full means to have full knowledge of what should be done at this time and what should not be done at this time, and also to know what the benefit is in doing something and what the loss is in not doing it.

Knowledge is light and might

Many do not know the method of filling themselves with power through knowledge.

It is just as when you have matches, but because you do not know how to light the matches, you are not able to carry out the task. In the same way, all of us have knowledge, but whereas some of us are able to experience light and might through knowledge, others simply understand the knowledge and repeat it.

One has to fill the self with power through the variety of yuktis on how to put might into the self.

A knowledge-full soul has controlling power over the self.

How this works?

There are two important powers for one to have light and might. One is the power to churn and the other is the power to tolerate.

To the extent that one has the power to tolerate, accordingly, he receives all the powers from the Almighty Authority.

Knowledge is also said to be light.

So, in order to make the path of effort easy and clear, we need the light of knowledge. For this light, we need churning power

Those who have the power to tolerate will automatically have, through just that one power, the power to make decisions, the power to discriminate and the power of depth and maturity.

Both powers are needed. For the mind, there is churning power and for words and actions, there is the power to tolerate.

If we have the power to tolerate, whatever words we speak will not be ordinary. Secondly, whatever actions we perform will also be accordingly

Those who have the power to tolerate are successful in their tasks. Those who lack the power to tolerate, lack success in whatever task they carry out. Those who have the power to tolerate are able to stabilise themselves in the avyakt stage and in the stage of being the embodiment of pure thoughts.

There will be a sparkle on the faces of those who are tolerant.

No matter what type of sanskars others may have, with their own power to tolerate, they are able to suppress those sanskars of others for a temporary period

In our effort, we need the power to tolerate in order to create thoughts in your mind. This is also called controlling power. If we have the power to tolerate, we are also able to control wasteful thoughts. So, we have to pay attention to both these powers.

Master knowledge-full souls know everything in advance.

Those who are master knowledge-full know everything in advance. Day by day, the more powerful our awareness is, that is, the more we make the eye of our awareness powerful and clear, the more we will realise in advance when any obstacles may come, that today we will have to take a paper in something. The more we know in advance, then because we are clever in advance, the more success we will attain in dealing with the obstacles. But when we are attacked suddenly, we are not able to be victorious.

Firstly we have the knowledge of being trikaldarshi. Because of being trikaldarshi, we experience the awareness of the previous kalpa as though it was something that happened yesterday. Secondly, because of being knowledge-full, and thirdly, because the eye of the intellect is powerful and clear, we are able to catch things in advance. When we recognise them in advance, we will never be defeated. We will always be victorious. We must constantly look after the eye of the intellect if the checking is clever, we can never be defeated by an enemy.

This is why we must even now try to know everything in advance. If we are knowledgeable, you can be protected from that obstacle of the elements. If we are not knowledgeable, then the many different things of the elements become the cause of sorrow or sickness. We then become subservient to it. What would be the reason for this? A lack of recognition and knowledge.

As we fill ourselves with the power of remembrance, we will know in advance that something is going to happen today.

Knowledgeful souls are truthful

When we are knowledge-full then we must be one who constantly performs truthful actions and doesn’t waste anything.

Since we are the children of the true Father, and we are establishing Satyuga, our actions should also be true.

All our thoughts, words and deeds should be truthful. This is known as being the same as the Father, master knowledge-full, that is, an embodiment of knowledge.

[ We must no longer be like iron aged souls!]

Become one with self respect #19

A master bestower of fortune

Baba the Bestower of Wisdom, Blessings and Fortune, The True Father, the True Teacher, the True Satguru has made me a master bestower of fortune.

I realize that the sign of the children who always remain pleased is that because the Bestower is always pleased with them, such souls always experience themselves to be full of all treasures:

-full of the treasures of knowledge,

-the treasures of all powers and

-the treasures of virtues.

I, a master bestower of fortune child can never consider myself to be empty of any treasure. There is never any virtue, power or deep significant aspect of knowledge unattained.

I, a child of the Bestower, a master bestower am always wealthy, that is, I am always overflowing and accomplished.

I check to see

-if the star of fortune is always shining on my forehead?

-Is my image and face, a spiritual sparkle, visible?

In my image are the features constantly showing pleasure?

-Does my face always give the experience of spirituality?

Do I experience fortune with my mind, body, wealth and in relationships and with people?

Do I experience any lack of attainment of fortune in any one of these?

Become one with self respect #20

A lighthouse and mighthouse:

I the soul stabilize myself in the stage of being a lighthouse and a mighthouse.

As I become stable in the lighthouse and might-house stage, I carry out the task of spreading light and might throughout the whole world.

A lighthouse stays in one place and spreads its light in all directions.

Similarly, in order to become such a lighthouse and world benefactor and spread my light over the whole world, I need to have a powerful stage. I take power from the Almighty Father and spread to the world.

Just as how a physical light bulb which is not powerful is unable to spread light everywhere, if I am not powerful I cannot spread light to the entire world.

I, a child of the unlimited Father stabilize myself in the stage of an unlimited server. At present, unlimited service is needed, because the unlimited world has to be transformed.

I let my total consciousness and every thought be of bringing about world benefit.

I do the special service of giving sakash to the globe.

Become one with self respect #21

A Master world benefactor

Baba the World Benefactor Father, the One whose very name Shiva means benefactor for all

-The one who constantly has the one thought of benefiting everyone in the world immediately.

-The one who’s every word is filled with benefit for the three aspects of time of every soul.

-The One whose eyes constantly give children a searchlight to benefit them.

The One whose every act is benevolent.

The one who is constantly filled with benevolent feelings and good wishes for the children.

I the child of such a Father am a master world benefactor.

I create every thought and perform every action with the awareness that through this, there is benefit for the world.

I realize that when every thought is elevated, there will be benefit for the self and the world.

It is only through the Father that I become instrument for world benefit

I the master world benefactor have imbibed the power to accommodate.

-Words that have caused a loss are transformed into benevolent feelings in such a way that words causing a loss are not even spoken.

-Whilst seeing anyone’s defect, within one second, I transform that defect into a virtue.

-I transform the loss into benefit.

-I transform defamation into praise.

I the master world benefactor maintain equanimity

-in praise and defamation,

-victory and defeat. I cannot fluctuate from my constant stage. I understand that not to fluctuate even whilst having knowledge is to be victorious.

When I play my part in service I remain stabilised in the stage of a master world benefactor, an unlimited server. I cannot have any limitations. The world is unlimited and so to be a world server means to be one who maintains an unlimited stage.

Become one with self respect #22

A great donor[mahadaani]

A great donor donates

-his own time,

-his facilities of comfort,

-his virtues and the powers he has attained to other souls for their progress.

A great donor (mahadaani) is one who serves through words.

A great donor become an instrument to inspire weak souls to make effort by showing them yuktis to make effort and to have zeal and enthusiasm.

A great donor becomes an instruments to put power into weak souls by reminding them of the Father’s powers.

A great donor would use very little of his treasures for himself; he would use most of them for service.

To give as a great donor to other souls, is to receive.

To donate is to accumulate a hundred-fold return of one.

I need to check whether I have become a great donor of all the treasures I have received or whether I have just kept them for myself.

A great donor gives whatever he has to others. Whatever he gives automatically increases within him.

The thoughts and words of such a great donor automatically become a blessing.

A great donor is an embodiment of renunciation and tapasya.

“Wherever I go, whatever the situation is and whatever facilities are provided, I have to increase service with my own power of tolerance.”

This is the stage of being a great donor.

This was the stage of the seniors at the beginning of the yagya.

Become one with self respect #23

A Light of the world.

Baba considers the children to be the light of His eyes. I ask myself do I have as much courage as the faith Baba has in me?

The Father is Jyoti bindu [Point of Light]. The children are also points of light [not part of the Supreme light].

Just like the Father, children are the lights of the world. The task of the Father is the task of the children.

I have to give light and also become light in my relationships and sanskaras with others in order to become a light of the world.

I have to be easy in giving and taking co-operation too. If there is heaviness in giving and taking co-operation, then I will not be able to take the benefit of the co-operation. I have to remain easy in every aspect. The easier I remain, the more I can take co-operation from everyone. Everyone remains easy with those who are themselves easy. They are easy in giving and also in taking.

One is lightness in dealing with others and the other lightness is the power in the soul.

Just like light bulbs: there is light in each one, but according to the percentage of the light [wattage], it will spread that far. So I have to check my percentage of light and increase that.

I have to become a bright bulb, a searchlight or a lighthouse not just a just a small bulb.

The children of the unlimited Father have to be unlimited servers. At present, unlimited service is needed, because the unlimited world has to be transformed. My vision and attitude must be unlimited to become a light of the world.

Become one with self respect #24

A support for the world

Just as BapDada is the image of support for everyone, in the same way, each child is an image of support for the world.

When I am an image of support for the world like the Father what happens through this is that whatever I do, I do it with that responsibility. Then there will not be any carelessness.

Whatever actions I perform, everyone else will also do the same. Whatever are the systems of the confluence age, they continue on the path of bhakti.

I am an image of support for the whole world and also an image of upliftment.

The more I uplift myself, the more I will be able to uplift others. The more I uplift others, the more I uplift myself. How will I uplift others if I cannot uplift myself? I can only uplift others when I become the image of generosity.

An image of support takes support from the Father. The Father is his one strength and one support. It is a different matter to take co-operation according to the code of conduct, within the Brahmin gathering. However, if in some situation I remember a bodily being, thinking that person will take me beyond that situation, that he will give me advice, or give me support, it proves that the support of the Almighty Authority is not always with me the soul.

Many souls experience waves of sorrow from time to time. Only souls who are the image of support for the world and the Father are the support for such souls who are experiencing sorrow. When they cry out for mercy their cry of mercy reaches the souls who are the images of support and the Father.


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It is always easy to expect and demand respect from others

It is simple to criticise others for not being respectful or for being rude or for not showing the proper appreciation. It is difficult to ask respect from myself. Without respect I can never gain respect from others. Without self-respect I will always be performing self-defeating actions. Without self-respect I will always be looking outside myself and will constantly be at the whims and fancies of other people’s dispositions.

I cannot get respect by asking for it. I only receive it when I give it to myself and to others.

Not to expect respect is to get respect from all

When I expect that people have to respect me, I will not be able to get their respect; as the feeling that they get is of weakness. To seek or wait for others is to never get it. Instead, when I have self-respect, I am able to create a positive impact on others, and automatically get respect from them. Today I will appreciate myself. I will look into the mirror and say „I like you for what you are”. Perfection is of course a journey, so right now I love myself for what I am today and am also moving towards becoming better and better. When I know to like myself, others will like me too.