Madhuban News

18 Jan. 2013 at Madhuban

My dear divine Brahmin family,

Please accept very warm and loving greetings on the memorial of our Brahma Baba’s ascension to the Angelic life.

All of you must be joining us in Madhuban as we express deep gratitude to Avyakt BapDada today for creating this powerful yagya and global family of Brahmins. Above all, we are praising our fortune for having experienced the virtues, powers, humility and dignity of a perfect instrument, Brahma Baba.

Nature showed us another scene of 'suddenly’, with change in weather in Mt Abu from 17th evening onwards. There was a drop in temperature, and rainfall for a stretch of time at 10.30pm and then again at Amritvela. Despite the odds, the decoration team completed adoring all of Baba’s symbolic places with beautiful flower arrangements.

Baba’s Murli of 18 January highlighted the greatest lesson of Brahma Baba’s life, 'when you insure everything of yours, you never need to have any type of worry…’ The main gift and mantra from the bhog message received in Pandav Bhawan during bhog this morning was, „Remember My Baba is with you always, and become perfect like the Father”.

With loving good wishes as we continue to honour Baba’s life,
In Baba’s remembrance,

B.K. Janki

Special Greetings from Madhuban (Nirwair bhai)

My dear divine sisters and brothers,

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Madhuban.

We are on the threshold of greeting each other on a very, very special day for the entire BK divine family.

Our sentiments for 18 January take us to the highest level, and merge us into the subtle, angelic embrace of Avyakt BapDada with much spiritual love and warmth.

It is indeed the most important day in the entire year to fill ourselves with new inspirations. As those who have been on the spiritual journey for years, we would very much love to experience complete freedom to remain in the flying stage, and swim deep in the Ocean of Love, Peace and Bliss… This would be possible only when we

1) follow our beloved Maat and Pita (Mother and Father), Brahma Baba

2) multiply our inner power of wisdom, visualisation and treasures and

3) create the light and might for complete transformation.

Let us welcome the most beautiful new beginnings that will fly us to the shores of Golden Age…

Wishing everyone all newness for the New Year!
With BapDada’s love and good wishes,

B.K. Nirwair

Dadi Janki  & Dadi Gulzar – 14th January 2013  – Shantivan

(Meeting with Double Foreigners)

Dadi Gulzar


What do you have in your heart? Who do you remember? Do you say, ‘My Baba, sweet Baba, lovely Baba’? Say these words internally and you will get lost in the Ocean of Love. Is there only one in your heart? Because Baba is the one who transforms us. Think of what Baba is making you into and how you were before! Baba is filling us with treasures of happiness! Are you ever happy?  Or are you only happy sometimes? What happens when Baba is remembered? The feeling of super-sensuous joy emerges. The method to remain happy and content all the time is to stay combined with Baba. Maya is waiting for you to be alone! This is her trick! If you place Baba in your heart then maya can’t come to you. Maya only comes if you are alone. Is Baba in your heart all the time or only sometimes? Do you let Him out sometimes and thus give maya a chance to come? If you keep Baba in your heart then He can keep giving you strength. When someone is alone they are afraid of being attacked. But your companion is very strong!


Check yourself: Do I remain combined with Baba? He tells us to remember Him because to remember Him means to allow Him to sit in your heart. So check how long you keep Baba in your heart each day. You will be able to feel Him in your heart. The most important thing in Brahmin life is to check that Baba is sitting in your heart. If Baba is not in your heart then you will need to work hard – you will have to keep working hard – it will be like a labour to remember to Baba. If something is lacking in any relationship with Baba then you will be pulled into that relationship with a human being. Each person has their own favourite relationship. Whatever relationship you love the most, see and experience Baba in that relationship. Forge your personal relationship with Baba. In one second Baba will give you the feeling of that relationship. If you think of Baba as father, Baba will come in front of you in that form. Relationship is very important. In the world, people remain conscious of their relationships. They remain in that awareness. But do you remember your relationships with Baba all the time?


The relationship as Satguru means to listen to His Shrimat and to take that Shrimat and follow it. This is to fulfil the relationship with Baba as a Satguru. There are so many obstacles in this world and who will you remember when you have a problem? The one who can guide you. It is important to maintain the relationship with the Satguru because sometime a guru can give help when a father or teacher cannot.  Baba does speak of the importance of the relationships of Father, Teacher and Guru. We have to pay attention to and experience these. A guru advises, gives blessings, gives grace…


A teacher gives the study. A father gives advice about life but a guru can give the type of advice even a father cannot. A guru gives blessings and those blessings can be used to transform one’s life. Do you allow Baba to shower blessings on you? Each relationship gives a different type of strength. The father creates and then brings up his children. A teacher’s teachings allow students to move forward. A guru’s advice helps the soul spiritually… makes a soul move forward on the spiritual path. Enables a soul to attain salvation.  At every step the teachings give one a source of income.


In order to use Baba’s blessings, listen to them without attention. Don’t allow any interference or disturbance at that time. My aim has to be very clear in myself. I have to focus on my own aim and pay attention to fulfilling it. I have to concentrate! Each one does have time for this.


Dadi Janki

It is the time to make whatever effort one needs to make right now. We have to become perfect by the end of this month! Baba sees us with great happiness. Do you have such happiness on seeing each other?


Many find it difficult to let go of the habit of following manmat. One who follows Shrimat receives a great deal of love. The life of one who follows Shrimat becomes wonderful – they have wonderful experiences. The fruit of tapasya is that one can say ‘Baba’ from their heart. The  love they experience is filled with happiness, blessings and all goodness. This love comes to one who follows Shrimat.


When we make deep effort, Baba sees that effort and gives the soul love. The soul then receives love and good wishes of the hearts of others. Leave all ego and see how much love you receive… Baba is doing His work. What do I have to do? Each one has full freedom to make complete effort. Am I following everything He says? It is easy to follow.


The ones who came in the early days (our ancestor souls) had a natural stage and a powerful stage. They did service without ego. They had the feeling that it was their fortune to do service. We wore white clothes and had empty pockets. Yet, we were happy. Ask someone who is rich if they are also happy. We need to have renunciation and disinterest. The basis of disinterest is to realise that nothing has value. What value will property be to me when I leave my body?


On the basis of the sakar Murlis service has expanded and thus you are all here today. So, what bhavna have the Dadis and Dadas had? Whatever we received from sakar and avyakt BapDada should be received by everyone. On the basis of that bhavna you have been able to forget your land and your language and we have all become one. On the basis of the maryadas we can become simple and so samples. Baba wants to make us equal to Him and thus able to make others equal.


We all have our own karmic accounts and if we don’t move forward on the power of truth, we have to suffer because of them. If we are true then we settle those accounts automatically. When I remain aware that Baba is the Almighty Authority then I am able to remain in a powerful awareness. We receive power from Baba which allows us to transform our thoughts and actions. Let my actions, my service, be such that others can create a life for themselves on seeing my life.


Om Shanti


Letter of remembrance to the instrument teachers and all brothers and sisters, the decoration of the Brahmin clan from Dadi Janki.

Pure greetings for the New Year to all the deeply loving children who belong to the avyakt image, the Mother, the Father and beloved BapDada, to those who constantly remain in the elevated stage of a carefree emperor, to those who are constantly flying with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm, to those who are multimillion times fortunate at the confluence age, to God’s right hands, the instrument teachers and all brothers and sisters in this land and abroad who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, together with new zeal and enthusiasm for the New Year, please accept Godly remembrance and hearty greetings from the heart.

Sweetest Baba has given all of us an invaluable gift for the New Year – Sweet children, always remain double-light and carefree emperors. Celebrate the year 2013 as the Year of being free from all worries. While fulfilling your responsibilities, whenever you have the consciousness of „mine”, change that to „Yours” and you will remain constantly free from worries and be able to experience spiritual intoxication. Keep this invaluable gift with you throughout the year and you will develop the habit of remaining constantly carefree.

This New Year reminds us of the coming of our new world. All of us know that this old age is now about to go and that our beautiful golden age is about to come. This beautiful period of the confluence age in between makes us full of such elevated attainments. Although we will be double crowned in the golden age, we will not have as much happiness as now. Along with the crown of light, we are now creating our reward through our efforts. Internally, we experience happiness and also a lot of pleasure. At amrit vela, when sitting in front of Baba, we remain obedient, faithful and honest at every moment and so our nature becomes that of pure and determined thoughts. By doing so, our minds remain very happy and we have no other thoughts. The mind has made the intellect free and the intellect is therefore able to have yoga and also imbibe everything. When such versions of Baba enter our hearts, it becomes happy, our head becomes cool and our nature becomes easy. The mind is able to become manmanabhav by itself. So, tell me, what newness will you bring about in this New Year? Now, there is just this thought: Whatever you want to do, do that now; do that today; do not leave anything till tomorrow. Karavanhar Baba does everything and inspires everyone and says: Children, always remain instruments, humble hearted and continue to bring about the renewal of the world. No matter what happens, give happiness to everyone and receive happiness. Speak sweetly. Always maintain a very good record of this.

Churn sweet Baba’s sweet versions within yourself and constantly go into the depths of the sovereignty of being carefree. In order to remain unshakeable even in the midst of situations of upheaval, practise putting a full stop to your thoughts in a second. Just as a tortoise is able to withdraw all his organs in a second, in the same way, be a detached observer, keep your Companion with you and merge all thoughts in a second. The practice of remaining stable in one pure thought will make you unshakeable and immovable.

So, come, let all of us welcome this New Year with thoughts filled with new zeal and enthusiasm and accumulate our treasure-stores of elevated actions and make our present and future elevated. With these pure and auspicious good wishes, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to everyone for the New Year once again.

In Godly service,
BK Janki

4/12/2012 Special love and remembrance for the whole family from Dadi Gulzar and Dadi Janki

Dadi Gulzar:
Om shanti. Today, I am seeing all the Brahmins in front of me. Baba is also remembering all the Brahmin children and giving them remembrances from His heart. Tell me, did all of you accept Baba’s love from His heart with your heart? I would also specially like to thank all those who have sent me special love and remembrance by e-mails and telephone messages. Baba says: Each child of Mine is specially beloved and loving. This is why I am asking each of you children to become equal to Me and give the whole world the experience of peace and happiness. So, all of you have become equal to the Father and are busy in such service, are you not? I am also seeing that everyone remembers Baba a lot. For us, Baba’s remembrance is the basis of our life. Everyone is remembering Baba and making themselves move forward. I am also seeing that out of love, zeal and enthusiasm, all of you want to show Baba your form of the complete stage, and are also making plans to show this. Baba is pleased to see this. I am also very happy to see this.

Please accept lots and lots of love and remembrance from the heart. Baba is also smiling. Can you see Baba smiling? Baba’s smiling form is a very beautiful form. Why is Baba smiling? Baba is seeing that everyone’s love for Baba is increasing that Baba cannot even sleep out of love. Even at the time of sleep, Baba keeps on remembering you. Along with that Baba is giving you lots of love and remembrance and also willing you His powers.

Dadi Janki:
Om shanti x 3. All of you remember my saying om shanti three times, do you not? Who am I? Who is mine? What do I have to do? Today, in the blessing, Baba asked who is sensible? Those who understand what is wasteful and therefore, they don’t do it and they instantly finish it. They even transform themselves. They are the ones who are able to become equal to the Father. Sweet Dadi Gulzar always shares that Baba gives me so much love. I say: In return of that love, we should demonstrate to Baba by transforming ourselves, otherwise, it is a sin to even sleep. Why? While sleeping and while awake, we have to remember Baba. Today, Baba said in the sakar murli: Remember Baba with open eyes? Why can you not close your eyes? If you eat with your eyes closed, then the flies will go in your food. Remember Baba with open eyes. So, even with open eyes, we cannot see anyone except Baba. Just as Baba sees us with His open eyes, we see Baba with our open eyes, so that whoever sees us, their eyes also open. OK. Om shanti.

28/11/12 (noon CET) Info regarding Dadi Janki from Sister Maureen

Dear all,

Om shanti. Good news is that Dadi has had her MRI scan and everything is absolutely normal. No damage to the brain. So it is a miracle.

She is now resting in Lotus House.

Much love
in Baba’s yaad


28/11/12 Info regarding Dadi Janki from Sister Maureen

Dear all,

Om shanti. You have probably already heard some news via various sources that Dadi Janki had a fall just outside the bathroom, backstage in Om Shanti Bhawan after class yesterday evening. She hit the back of her head quite badly to the extent that she needed quite a few stitches (at Global Hospital). She did not loose consciousness at all.

For safety’s sake Hansa and Pravina have taken Dadi to Ahmedabad. She will first have an MRI scan. Jayantiben was in Doha and so was able to go directly to India. She has now reached Delhi and will be in Ahmedabad in about two hours time.

Please do have special yoga in the class.

Will keep you all updated.

Much love
in Baba’s yaad



22/11/12 Dadi Gulzar Welcome Ceremony

9th November, 2012, Madhuban

Avyakt BapDada’s most beloved, tireless servers of the Yagya and the world, my dear loving spiritual sisters and brothers,

Please accept hearty Godly love, remembrances, and multi-million greetings for the very, very happy festival of lights (Deepawali/Diwali) from Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Hridaya Mohini ji, Dadi Ratan Mohini ji and senior sisters and brothers of Madhuban.

You may be aware that our most respected brother Nirwair bhaiji’s 75th birthday is on 20th November. It is the Platinum Jubilee of his birth.

I hope, you may be making some plans in your minds to celebrate the 75th birthday of our most respected brother Nirwair ji. It is the wonderful thing in the drama that this year we have completed the Platinum Jubilee of the Yagya. Soon after this, we have another opportunity to celebrate Platinum Jubilee of our dearest & nearest Nirwair bhai ji. He will be starting his 75th Year after this November 20th. I feel, we should acknowledge his invaluable services to the yagya along with Brahma Baba, Mamma and Dadiji.

He is at present with Dadi Gulzar at Lotus House, Ahmedabad. He will be coming to Shantivan on 22nd November along with Dadi Gulzar ji. Therefore, the organising committee of Madhuban and Global Hospital have fixed the belated Platinum Jubilee Celebration-75th happy birthday on 28th November at Shantivan in the gracious presence of Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Hridayamohiniji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji, senior sisters & brothers and also along with Shantivan Niwasis, Madhuban Niwasis, Gyan Sarovar Niwasis, and the residents of Global Hospital, Trauma, Shivmani home (Old Age Home) and the BK family which will be present in Shantivan for meeting BapDada on 30th November (about 20,000). The date happens to be the Gurunanak birthday also.

In this regard, I invite all of you to join this memorable occasion. Those who can’t join physically may send their feelings of good wishes either in the form of greeting cards, poetries, songs, and their experience with brother Nirwair ji. I also request the centre instruments both in India and abroad to send photographs of Nirwair ji with VIPs or with the divine family during his visit to your place. We are thinking of bringing a Souvenir as a mark of our respect to him. Photographs and write-ups may be sent to – Greetings may be sent to with a copy to me.

Let us all join together physically or in the subtle form on Wednesday, 28th November, 2012 at 06.00 pm in Diamond Hall, Shantivan and pay our respects to this great brother of the Yagya and in wishing him a good
health and many more years of Godly service and receive his valuable guidance and blessings.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write to me.

Thanking you and in the remembrance of Baba,

On Godly service,
Your divine brother,

B.K. Mruthyunjaya
Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu

Letter from Nirwair bhai – Madhuban

15 November 2012, Om Shanti, Lotus House, Ahmedabad

To most beloved Avyakt BapDada’s dearly loved children, who are constantly merged in Godly love, and constantly igniting everyone’s light with their own sparking inner light,

To the Teachers who are world servers and instruments for sustaining the elevated souls of the Confluence Age and
Our sisters and brothers who are decoration of the Brahmin clan,

Please accept special spiritual love and remembrances on behalf of Dadi Gulzarji and the Lotus House (Ahd) family, as well as auspicious greetings for Diwali and the New Year.

It gives me great pleasure to share with the Brahmin family that on the blessed day of Diwali (13 November), our dearly loved Dadi Gulzarji was able to comfortably come on stage of Lotus House Auditorium to celebrate Diwali with everyone. Our sweet Neelubehn lovingly accompanied Dadiji on stage. Sarla Didi welcomed Dadiji with a very fragrant garland of flowers, and then with beautiful words, which was followed by a welcome dance. Sarla Didi and Dr Banarsibhai expressed heart-warming greetings for Diwali, after which sisters of Lotus House decorated Dadiji as Shri Lakshmi. We then had candle-lightning and cutting of Diwali cake. Dadiji then shared the following sweet, elevated greetings:

“All of you have celebrated Deepmala (festival of the Garland of Lights), so what did you remember while celebrating this festival? You would have remembered our Father, the King of Lights (Deep Raj). By celebrating Deepmala with the Father, all the lights are sparkling brightly. Only one sound is emerging from all your hearts: ‘Mera Baba (My Baba), Meetha Baba (Sweet Baba), Pyara Baba (Loving Baba)…’ Baba considered us so worthy that He selected us first out of countless souls in the world. What more do you wish for when God Himself likes you? What song do we all sing? ‘We have received that which we had been searching for…’ Celebrate this day with God. Wah my fortune! Wah my God! There is so much happiness experienced when you remembered both God and your fortune. There are so many living in your neighbourhood, so why did God just select you? All of you have been selected and loved by God, isn’t it? What more does one want after having been selected by God! All of you have this fortune. It is your fortune that has brought you here.
“Diwali is also the day when this yagya of Rudra was established. Diwali this year is the completion of 75 years. We had never thought we would be seeing these glorious days for so many years. Wah Baba wah! We have seen such fortune of celebrating days filled with happiness for so many years. Multi-million fold congratulations to you on completing 75 years without obstacles!
“I remember coming to Baba when I was 9 years of age. Baba had opened a Rajyoga spiritual boarding school at the time and invited me to join the same. I always remember two particular words Baba had spoken then: That scene comes before me every Amritvela. Baba used to take us to a beautiful garden daily, and give us two titles, “Khushkismat Bache (children with good fortune)” and “Khushmizaaj Bache (children with happy or cheerful temperament)”. Baba did not like us to have a serious appearance. Baba liked to constantly see the children laughing, playing and like those with good fortune. Baba always gave this particular blessing, which made the whole day seem like few seconds had gone by… So please accept multi-million fold congratulations on behalf of Baba on this day of establishment of Baba’s institution. It is so great to celebrate the Deepmala of the New Age! Our new age is just about to come… The kingdom will be very beautiful. It is now the age of Yog-Tapasya, to be followed by the age where we will rule. So multi-multi-million fold congratulations! Congratulations!”

On 14 November 2012, Dadiji celebrated the New Year with all by cutting a cake and sharing greetings. In Bharat, this day is honoured as Children’s Day, and so the young Brahmin children received loving drishti and cake from Dadiji. Dadiji also went onto to the roof for a stroll, and viewed the splendorous decoration and lighting in the area.

It further is a joy to inform you that as Dadi Gulzar’s health is returning to normal, Dadiji will travel to beloved BapDada’s home, Madhuban (Shantivan), next Satguruwar, 22 November 2012. On 30 November, we will lovingly celebrate a sweet meeting with BapDada accordingly to the norm, and fill our aprons with blessings.

Along with special help from BapDada, we are grateful to our sisters and brothers from all Centres for their pure, good wishes and cooperation of yoga for Dadiji’s well-being. In particular, our sweet Dadi Jankiji has been visiting Ahmedabad frequently, telephoning every day to hear updates, and having sweet spiritual chit-chats with Dadi Gulzarji while sending loving sakaash. Bhartibehn of Lotus House and Nehabehn of Sukh Shanti Bhawan (Ahd) have both given their support throughout; Neeluben and a group of 7-8 sisters and brothers have been with Dadiji all these weeks. The doctors too gave full attention and much cooperation. So congratulations to everyone!
Accha, lots and lots of loving remembrances to all.

On Spiritual Service,

B.K. Nirwair

10/11/12 Letter from Brother Nirwair – Diwali 13.10.2012


Dearest and most beloved Avyakt BapDada’s loving ones,
Our sisters and brothers of Bharat and all parts of the world,

Please accept hearty Godly love, remembrances, and multi-million greetings for the very, very happy festival of lights (Deepawali/Diwali) from Avyakt BapDada, Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji, Dadi Nirmal Shantaji, Mohiniben, Munniben, Ishu Dadi, seniors of Madhuban and all sisters and brothers of Madhuban, Shantivan, Gyan Sarovar, Global Hospital, including myself.

First of all, I would love to share the happy news that our beloved Dadi Gulzarji’s health is improving. Dadiji is able to walk for over 20 minutes at a time, and started using the stairs for the first time, on 9 November, to visit Baba’s room on the ground floor of Lotus House. It is hoped that within 7-10 days, Dadiji would be enjoying absolute normal health and walking routine etc, thereby assuring Avyakt BapDada’s meeting on 30 November, in Diamond Hall, Shantivan.

All of this is possible because of the loving medical care of her doctors in Ahmedabad and Delhi, and of course the good wishes of the entire global divine family duly filled with powerful vibrations in meditation.

Dadi Gulzarji extends very special greetings to one and all for a very, very Happy Diwali and prosperous New Year.

As is the custom in India we close our old account books and start afresh on the New Year’s Day (according to the Indian calendar) after Diwali. The entire Brahmin family is enthusiastic to achieve new heights in one’s spiritual stage, and radiate very elevated vibrations thereby bringing newness to the world scenario on all levels.

With Baba’s blessings and whole-hearted cooperation of the divine family, we share the good news of progress on a physical level:

1) As you all know already, Madhuban Godlywood Studio in Manmohini Van Complex, Shantivan, was inaugurated in October and has been busy in service ever since.

2) The main Shantivan Kitchen Complex is almost complete, except for installation of lifts and operation of Bread Department. BKs serving in this most modern Kitchen Complex feel so, so happy and proud to render their services and claim their fortune.

3) The most ambitious Solar Plant Project is progressing very well under the stewardship of Br Golo and Br Jayasimha. With the help of the divine family, and the Indian and German Governments, a wonderful new solar park is in progress. Once ready, it will be another feather in the cap of Brahmin family.

There is a big question from our brothers and sisters: What next? According to BapDada’s messages of blessings received from time to time, we continue to make good progress spiritually in our consciousness, and in divinsing our sanskars so as to reach our stage of being all-virtuous, 16 celestial degrees complete… (as Baba shared in 12 November Murli). While making earnest efforts for self-service, we continue to invest love and energy in serving our sisters and brothers who regularly visit Madhuban, Shantivan, Gyan Sarovar, Museum, Global Hospital, Trauma Centre, Peace Park. The numbers of the divine family, as you all know, have multiplied in a big way during the Platinum Jubilee Year, and the new children are waiting to meet Avyakt BapDada face to face. They would be welcomed whole-heartedly from all over the globe as per the announced meeting dates.

We will continue sharing news from Madhuban unlimited home in the coming weeks and months.

Wishing every one a very, very bright, ever-healthy, ever-wealthy and ever-happy Diwali and New Year!

With all our Godly love and remembrances,

B.K. Nirwair

Dadi Gulzarji honours 11th anniversary of ORC

A loving and unique scene of drama unfolded on Friday, 9 November 2012, when Ashaben of ORC, 7 Om Shanti Retreat Centre niwasis, and few Madhuban niwasis came to meet Dadi Gulzarji in Lotus House.

On behalf of the ORC family, who will soon be celebrating the 11th anniversary of ORC services, Ashaben presented Dadiji with 11 types of tolis and 11 types of firecrackers! Dadiji accepted these gifts with love. Ashaben then shared news from ORC, and read out a poem in praise of Dadi Gulzarji as well.
This was followed by cake-cutting and candle-lighting ceremony by Dadi Gulzarji, Sarla Didi, Nirwairbhai, Shardaben who were joined by the ORC and Madhuban niwasis, and Lotus House niwasis. Emerging the whole world before her, Dadiji expressed her warm greetings for a very Happy Diwali to each Brahmin across the globe.

Please accept Dadiji’s blessings and good wishes from the heart.

In Baba’s loving remembrance,

B.K. Nirwair
B.K. Neelu

Dadijis Message
14-10-2012 – Sustain the love of baba in your hearts
Rajyogini Dadi Gulzaar ji

Letter from Dadi Janki

Dadi Gulzar’s health and cancellation of BapDada’s programme for the
first two meetings (18th October and 2nd November).

15/10/2012 Om shanti Madhuban

Beloved Avyakt Image, Mother, Father and BapDada’s extremely lovely children, ones who are constantly experiencing the avyakt meeting, ones who know every secret of the drama and while seeing these, constantly remaining in an unshakeable, immovable and constant stage, the victorious ones with faith in the intellect, the jewels of Baba’s eyes, instrument teachers and brothers and sisters who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept sweet remembrance filled with God’s love from Madhuban, the land of blessings from the Bestower of Blessings, the land of divine activity.

All of you Baba’s lovely and lucky intense effort-making children must be having yoga-tapasya and racing to become complete and perfect, the same as the Father. Baba is giving us the signal to remain unshakeable, immovable, beyond all questions and to remain happy. Last season, Baba had specially given us the homework to save our thoughts and time, so continue to watch the games of the drama according to that and you will be able to apply a full stop in a second.

All of you are constantly receiving news of Dadi Gulzar’s (BapDada’s physical chariot) health. Now, Dadiji will be given permission to leave the hospital in one or two days. However, because of having been in bed for so many days, there is still a lot of weakness. Even now, Dadi will have to have complete bed-rest for some time. Physiotherapy and medicine will continue at the same time. This is why, because of the thought that Baba’s children have as to whether Baba will come or not, through this letter today, I am letting you all know that while there is the confluence age, BapDada is and will constantly be with us. However, for the next two meetings (18th October and 2nd November) it does not seem possible to have an avyakt meeting through the physical chariot. Nevertheless, BapDada says: Children, Madhuban, the land of blessings, is the home of all of you. Children have to come here and have tapasya in the land of tapasya. For this season, 2200 Baba’s double foreign children have already reached here. Similarly, for the first turn of all the Bharatwasi brothers and sisters on 2nd November, all of Baba’s children are welcome in Madhuban. As per the numbers given to all of you, including the sevadharis, all of you are specially invited to Shantivan to come and create your avyakt stage and to have yoga tapasya. Of course, classes will continue to be given by Dadis and all maharathi brothers and sisters. Together with this, BapDada will definitely give special experiences from the subtle region. According to the programmes, the presenting of accounts by the teachers will also continue as usual. All programmes will remain systematic and this is why no one should cancel their reservations for coming and going.

Now, it is the time to celebrate an avyakt meeting through your avyakt stage and to give the return of the avyakt sustenance received from Avyakt BapDada. Therefore, all of you are very warmly welcomed to your home, Madhuban. Achcha.

Lots and lots of love and remembrance to all.

In Godly service.
B.K. Janki

Dadi’s chit chat – Sterling Hospital Ahmedabad 8th October

Dadi Gulzar: Always remember 2 things: one is the time of the Confluence, the second is thoughts. Time should not go to waste. Each one desires to come closer. All of you are supremely beloved anyway. Baba is drawing our attention to necessary things and He continues to repeat that 2 to 4 times daily. One is time and second are thoughts. You have to give time to this, don’t consider 1 hr to be a small time, even in this time, the attainment is multifold. Don’t think that it is just Sangamyug and let time pass by, but you have to consider the importance of even 1 month.

Even to waste 1 hr of this precious Confluence Age of Baba is wasting a lot of time. This is such a valuable time. Don’t think of time in quantity, eg ‘this is just 5 minutes’. Even 5 seconds in relation to Sangamyug is great. This is why Baba is explaining to us the importance of the Confluence Age. The age of the Confluence is the age to accumulate an income, this is why you should definitely give attention to this time of the Confluence. Even by sitting in remembrance for 5 minutes, then in those 5 minutes, you will receive the power of 5 hours!

When we sit at the Confluence then whatever is being accumulated, that happiness will help us for 21 births. The feeling of this age is wonderful. The Bestower of Fortune is distributing fortune – this is such an aspect of great happiness.

Dadi Janki – We enjoy being together, because everyone’s attention doesn’t go anywhere else. Don’t forget what you have to remember, and don’t remember what you have to forget. To remain present at the right time is a good thing – then there is nothing else to remember.


Dear Sisters and Brothers of BapDada’s global family

Please accept loving greetings from Ahmedabad.

As you know, our dearest Dadi Gulzar sustained a hairline fracture of a vertebra in a fall on 22 September in Delhi. This sort of injury requires time for recovery, though Dadi’s face is sparkling and she is no longer in pain.

The love that Baba has instilled in us is such that I have been to Ahmedabad, where Dadi is in hospital, several times, in between attending the Peace of Mind retreat and the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. I am now back in Ahmedabad with Dadi.

The latest news is that scans are to be done on Dadi’s back on the 13th to see how far healing has progressed. It is only then that we will be able to say clearly if Dadi Gulzar can be back for BapDada’s programme on the 18th.

Each scene in the drama has much significance, and it seems that all the doctors and nurses of the Hospital are being served by our dearest Dadi Gulzar. The yoga power of the family has created a beautiful atmosphere in the hospital room itself.

Meanwhile we continue to do the homework that BapDada has given us, of keeping our thoughts positive in remembrance of One, and preparing for every scene that the drama brings.

In loving remembrance of BapDada,

B.K. Janki

02.10.2012 10pm
Gulzaar Dadijis Health Report

Nirwair bhai said Dadiji’s health is better and better today. She is cheerful and talked to Nirwair bhai, Janki Dadiji and one or two visitors. Doctors advice for complete bed rest.
Janki Dadiji came to Gyansarovar. Gulzaar Dadiji gave lots and lots of love to global family.

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News regarding Dadi Gulzarji

To the powerful lights of the world,

Our dear divine sisters and brothers.

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances.

We trust all is well with the global BK divine family and Baba’s unlimited service.
Dadi Janki and Dadi Gulzar are specially remembering all of you from the heart. Some of you may have heard news about Dadi Gulzarji: On Saturday, while
in Pandav Bhawan (Delhi), Dadi Gulzarji slipped in the bathroom and sustained compressed vertebrae of the backbone. Dadiji is required to have complete
bed-rest for 2 weeks. Dadiji is taking rest at Baba’s home according to her orthopedic surgeon’s advice, and has a doctor and nurses caring for her.

Dadi Janki flew to Delhi this afternoon and is pleased to see the arrangements made by the Delhi family to make Dadiji completely comfortable.

Dadi Gulzarji has conveyed her thanks in Baba’s yaad for your good wishes, and is touched by the deep sentiments of love and pure feelings. Dadiji shared
a few sweet words for all: „To our sweetest, loving Baba’s beloved children,
Please accept love and remembrances on behalf of Baba and all of us in Delhi.
Baba remembers the children a great deal, and we children too remember Baba with love, merge Him in our heart and continue to have sweet
conversations with Him. Om Shanti”

Dadi Gulzarji requires total rest and so we request everyone not take the trouble of visiting Dadiji in Delhi, and refrain from telephoning so that there can be
proper recovery before Dadiji plans to return to Madhuban. We understand your concern and love for Dadi Gulzarji who is so precious to all of us, but trust that you will give time and space for recuperation. Please continue to send vibrations of love and good wishes in Baba’s remembrance.

Dadi Gulzarji, Neeluben and sisters and brothers of Delhi thank you for your support, and send special yaad-pyaar.
In Baba’s loving yaad,

B.K. Janki
B.K. Nirwair

Madhuban 25/08/12

Special Bhog offering on the 5 Anniversary of Dadiji

I am receiving everyone’s love, even if you are sitting at the very end, the love of all of you is reaching me. Now, BapDada wants you to become a support for those who are in sorrow.

For this, pay greater attention to have volcanic yoga.

Even when carrying out any worldly activities, always pay attention to having volcanic yoga because you are the only ones who are going to bring about transformation.

You are the ones who will bring about transformation through volcanic yoga, you will bring about the world of happiness and therefore, all those who are in the advance party are giving you love and remembering you and asking you to now hurry up.

For how much longer are we going to wait!

Now, bring the time of completion close. From today, let there be just this one concern: We are definitely going to bring our kingdom. Did you hear what you have to do?



(8000 youths have arrived.) It is good, but the youths should be those who are free from obstacles. All of us are also happy seeing the youths and BapDada is also happy. However, the youths should remain youthful. There shouldn’t be the slightest difference even in your thoughts. Now, remain such imperishable intense effort-makers. Not that you are sometimes intense and sometimes a little less.

Now is the time for making intense effort. BapDada is pleased. BapDada is pleased with the service of all of you. All of you are happy, the Father is happy and all of us are happy. We will all return home together.

(Those from abroad are also remembering you.) Even the Father likes one speciality of those from abroad and we all continue to see that whatever they think, they definitely do that practically.


Now, abroad, there is the wave of intense effort and of doing service intensely. There is good enthusiasm for service in Bharat too. However, now there has to be a little more attention to having volcanic yoga. When you go into service and come into words, it takes a little effort.

Now, everyone should have the one thought that all of us together have to bring our kingdom. We have to bring it, we have to bring it, we have to bring it! (A folder for the closing of the Platinum Jubilee was presented to Dadiji).

Everyone has shown very good interest for this programme. Achcha.

Om Vyasji sang a song, ’Na yeh chand hoga – youtube, film „Shart”(1954)’, neither will this moon remain nor will the stars remain, but I will always remain Yours.
play mp3 Na Yeh Chand Hoga (Shart) Geeta Dutt(Songs Pk)



Madhuban 25/08/12

Message from the subtle region via Dadi Gulzar.

Today, everyone was specially invoking Dadiji in their mind. Ifirst went to Baba. All the Dadis who were instruments from the time of the boarding school, all the old, senior Dadis were sitting with Baba and a heart-to-heart conversation was taking place. Baba was also talking to them about what they had to do now. Everyone is doing service anyway, but together with service, you now have to keep the aim that you have to bring your kingdom.

You have to change the sorrow of this world and bring happiness because Baba has said: All of you are sitting here in pleasure, but the people of the world have so much sorrow within themselves.

At the moment, you are not realising that you have to liberate them from their sorrow.

Now, you have to feel from within that your brothers and sisters are in sorrow and that you have to take them to the world of happiness or into liberation.

So, now all of you should pay attention. Baba was saying this to all of them and they were also saying: Baba, although we are in the corporeal form, our connections have changed and so what should we do?

Baba said: You also have to have this deep concern that you have to take all of them to the land of liberation and take Baba’s children to your kingdom. Again and again, Baba was telling them: You now have to make this thought intense. Baba is happy with the service that you are doing and you have good enthusiasm for service, but even in service, have the aim to liberate them from sorrow. The sound of those in sorrow should reach you. So, now, this merciful form is essential. All the other seniors were with Baba. There were fewer brothers and more sisters.
The brothers were also smiling and saying yes to Baba:
Baba, we will definitely do what you have asked. They said: We are in the advance party and so we will go in advance in this too. Everyone had a lot of enthusiasm. Then Baba fed bhog to everyone with love. Then Baba said: everyone has remembered Dadiji with so much love and so I am telling Dadiji with just as much love: Go and meet them.

Then Dadiji came here. All oj you know what Dadiji did when she came here. Then, when Dadiji came back to the subtle region, she said to Baba: Everyone was very happy and thank you for sending me there. Everyone’s desire was fulfilled. Then, Baba sent me back to the corporeal world.

What will all of you do now? Volcanic yoga. We have to give special attention to that and quickly change the world.

This is the work we have to do nowadays. Achcha. Om shanti.



Accept greetings of peace and love from Madhuban!


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Avykat Bap Dada’s Milan dates – 2012/2013



Opening of Big Kitchen (Shiv Bhole Nath ka Bhandara) on 13th April, 2012
13 April morning was the inauguration of Baba’s newly built Bhandara at the hands of our Dadis and seniors. It was wonderful to have 1600 of Baba’s main instruments give their good wishes too. It is a massive complex in itself with more than 90,000 sq ft built-up area and capacity to cook for 50,000 people every day! There will also be a bakery, two dining halls, and store rooms apart from the usual set-up.

Yesterday morning, a variety of short video clips on service projects and programmes carried out by Baba’s various retreat places and main zones (over the past year) were shown. Thoughts on keeping systems in place and the family united are being shared too. Today is the last day of the Annual Service Meeting.

Dadi’s jewels from the heart:

The key lies in keeping the heart full with spiritual love. This ensures defects don’t remain within me, and I don’t see weaknesses in others. Let our chitt remain clean, thinking elevated and pure. Success in service is definite where there the intention is filled with bhavna (pure feelings).

When the family lives as one, that would be a true celebration of Platinum Jubilee. The values that keep this family together are 'economy’, 'eknami (the name of One)’, 'ekanth priya (interest and love for solitude)’, 'ekta me laana (ability to unite everyone)’. Dadi was sharing in the Meeting that she would like to create a Wing of her own, where souls with this deep interest in purusharth like Dadi could join. There is nothing in our minds but self-progress, service and good relationships. We are a gathering of angels for whom service is just a game.

It always give Dadi great intoxication to emerge the awareness of being roots of the Tree; with knowledge of the Seed and Tree we remain focused on tapasya. We are successful in the journey of life only when we give value to shrimat. Our bags and baggage have been transferred; as trustees we practise constantly the videhi stage through the power of yoga. And then, the five elements act as our companion and support us tirelessly. This is the final stage of Rajyoga…

Dadi remembers three words very often:

– 'Akarta’ – while carrying out a task, let there be no conscious feeling of 'I am doing’
– 'Abhogta’ – let there be no feeling of praise or defamation, or desire for reward or recognition
– 'Asochta’ – many wonder 'how can we not think when we have responsibilities to fulfill?’ The power lies in not thinking waste; the plan in fixed in drama; Karankaravanhar is doing what needs to be done; we have to be ever-ready to take guidance and signals, and not mix our intentions or thoughts with limitedness.