Realisations of the consciousness of "I & mine"

by Dr Kamta


I the soul am a trustee.

I am a trustee of this body, physical wealth, the household I look after.

None of these belong to me because I do not possess any of them.

I have simply been fortunate to be entrusted with them.

None of these is MINE. I cannot have the consciousness of MINE.

As a trustee I cannot have attachment or possessiveness of that which has been entrusted to me. I serve everyone whilst using all the facilities considering them to be things entrusted to me by BapDada and so only the words “BABA, BABA” must emerge from my lips.


The magic of using “I and Mine” in the right way:

Baba, I realize that deep wisdom is merged in the two words “I” and “MINE” and they are very useful in my Brahmin life


“I” am a point of light, an elevated soul.

I am a Brahma Kumar or I am a Brahma Kumari.


“MINE” is One Baba and none other.

My BABA, Sweet BABA, Loving BABA

– Everything is included in “My Baba”.

-When I say, “My Baba”, my inheritance is included within that.

-By remembering MY BABA I conquer Maya,

– MY BABA makes me free from obstacles

-MY BABA makes me become a master almighty authority.

When I forget MY BABA, Maya comes to me in a thousand different ways.

Today, she will come in one form.

Tomorrow, she will come in another form.

When I say, “My Baba”, there is only the consciousness of One. The thousand forms of Maya die in front of the One.

I will remember the Magic words – MY BABA in every situation and at all times.


The most subtle and the most attractive thread is of the one word”I”. which ties me into body consciousness and prevent me from being free.

Sweet Baba, I realize that the word „I” is one that takes me beyond body consciousness and

the same word „I” brings me into body consciousness from being soul conscious.

I realize that the most subtle and the most attractive thread is of the one word „I”.

It prevents me from being free.

– „I am so-and-so”,

-„I know everything”,

-„I am no less in anything”, I can do everything”,

-„I am doing this”, or

-„I am able to do this”,

-I know what I am and what I am like”,

-„I know how I am tolerating everything”,

-„I know how I overcome all the problems”,

-„I know how I die and continue to move along”,

-„I know how I have renounced everything and am continuing to move along”:

I renounce this list which is a most subtle thread of body- consciousness.

Instead of becoming detached,

instead of having love for the Father,

I have love for one or another soul or object,

whether it is

-love for regard,

-love for name,

-love for honour, or

– love for any special soul.


THE METHOD TO BREAK THE THREAD OF “I” that brings me into body consciousness for all time and not temporarily I need to practice stabilizing myself in the incorporeal stage.

When I first stabilise myself in the incorporeal stage and become egoless then I will automatically become viceless.

I can make myself egoless for a temporary period with many yuktis but I realize that I must first stabilise myself in the incorporeal stage and then come into the corporeal form to perform actions.

Because this consciousness or practice does not become natural and part of my nature, I am not able to constantly stabilise myself in the egoless stage.

When someone comes from one place, he constantly has the awareness that he has come from that particular place. In the same way, I should constantly have the awareness that I have come from the incorporeal into the corporeal and am performing my task.

Every now and again, whilst performing every action, I practise this stage, so that by being incorporeal and then coming into the corporeal, I will definitely become egoless and viceless.


The difference between Supreme power and Power according to one’s capacity:

There is the realization that only the Supreme Soul has supreme power, whereas souls have power according to their capacity.

I will receive supreme power when I say, 'Baba’, and I will receive power according to my capacity when I say, 'I’.

This is why the result is also according to my capacity.

Sweet Baba, now my language has to be changed. I will say “Baba” instead of “I”.

Beloved Sakar Baba you showed us everything by doing it practically. We never heard you say,

“I “am making this work’?

“I” conducted the murli very well’?

“I” did this service,

“I” gave a touching to the children.’

So Baba I must follow you and finish accepting in this way.


As I become an angel from a Brahmin MINE changes to YOURS.

I the Brahmin soul have died alive to the old world. I am now becoming an angel.

The language of angels is not the language of “mine”.

I realize that to be an angel means to be someone who believes everything of “mine” is now “Yours”.

The consciousness of “mine” keeps me residing on this land, whereas the consciousness of “Yours” keeps me constantly seated on the throne.

I now understand that to become an angel means to become free from the bondage of “mine”.

In this spiritual life, only the one Father and none other is “mine”.


The word “mine” brings me into bondage [bandhan]whereas the word “yours” finishes all bondage and makes me experience all relationships [Sambandh]:

Karankaravanhar Baba–the one who does and make others do, has made me an instrument and so I myself have become a detached observer.

The consciousness of this relationship gives me liberation from all bondage.

If there is action on the basis of this relationship, there will be no bondage.

To think, „I have done this” means that the relationship is forgotten, and bondage is being created.

Sangamyug is the Age in which to experience

– liberation from bondage,

-the link of all relationships and

-the stage of jeevanmukti (liberation in life).

Sangamyug bandhan-mukth

Sarva sambandh yukt

Jeevan-mukt stithi ke anubhav ka yug hai

Therefore, I must check:

Is there the experience of relationship, or the experience of bondage?

Because there is love in relationship it gives the experience of achievement, whereas if there is bondage, there is the experience of struggle and as a result of tension there is upheaval of sorrow and peacelessness.


The consciousness of “mine” is a royal form of Maya when I feel bound by my karma- my responsibility:

I allow a web of wasteful thoughts to enter my mind in the form of:

“I have to settle my karma, I am bound by my karma, I am bound by my sanskars, and also in bondage to the gathering”.

I realize that I trap myself in a web I myself create and then I ask to be released!

I realize Baba that you have released me but I can only become free if I let go!

I have to check if I am free from bondage or I am in bondage?

I have shed the body and died alive. I have simply adopted the old body to serve the world. Baba is filling this old body with power and making it move along. It is Baba’s responsibility, so why do I take it upon myself? Not only am I unable to look after the responsibility I am not able to let go of it!

I must let go of the responsibility, that is, let go of the consciousness of “mine”!

-“My effort, my invention,

-my service,

– my touchings, my virtues etc. are very good!

– My handling power is very good!

– My decision-making power is very good!

– My understanding is accurate, whereas everyone else is under a misunderstanding.”

Where did this consciousness of “mine” come from?

I recognize that this is a royal form of Maya. I must conquer this Maya. When I conquer this Maya I can become a conqueror of matter. When I become a conquerer of matter I will take the support of matter and will not be dependent on it. Only when I have conquered matter can I conquer the world.


Sweet Baba, I realize that the greatest cause of body consciousness is the consciousness of „I” [„I” in Hindi is „mai”].

This “I” of body consciousness is like the goat who always make the sound of MAI, MAI-that is “I” “I “

When I surrender the consciousness of „I”, it is then that I become a true Brahmin.

Baba, you have given me the deep spiritual wisdom that the consciousness of the „I” of body consciousness is also very subtle and has a variety of forms.

The first body consciousness of „I” is

-„I am a body!”

-„I am so-and-so!”

There are the different forms of „I”

-as I become trapped in relationships.

-in the different forms of „I” of position.

I sacrifice all these different forms of “I” of body consciousness in front of you just like the devotees who sacrifice the goat that makes the sound of mai-mai that is, “I” “I”.


A speciality is a gift bestowed by God not my speciality.

The „I” of my own speciality is very subtle and this “MY” brings me down from up above.

Baba I now have the deep realization that “my speciality is a gift from God.”

Whether it is in a gross or a subtle form, there isn’t a single human soul who doesn’t have a speciality.

In this life of knowledge too, each Brahmin definitely has at least one speciality. However, in the life of knowledge, a speciality is a gift bestowed by God.

When I put the consciousness of „I” into the gift that God has given me, this is royal ego and the biggest consciousness of „I”.


The consciousness of „I” is body consciousness.

This body consciousness has transformed itself into a royal form.

I should be able to recognize this form easily.

What is the sign when this royal form comes in front of me?


Any type of arrogance will definitely make me insult either myself or others.

Where there is arrogance there is insult.

Not to give regard to what others say, to cut them off, is a royal form of arrogance.


The consciousness of „I” in service, creates tension and finishes the fast speed of service

Baba I now understand that the consciousness of “I” in service is an obstacle in service. It creates tension and finishes the fast speed of service

The foundation of tension is the consciousness of „I”.

-„I did this.

-I alone can do this.”

This „I” is of body consciousness.

One stage is to have the consciousness:

-„I am an elevated soul”,

the other stage is:

-„I am so-and-so.

– I am sensible.

-I am a yogi soul.

-I am a gyani soul.

-I am ahead in service.”

It is this consciousness of „I” which creates tension.

This is why there isn’t the intense speed that there should be in service.

Instead, service becomes slack.

Although I may continue to move along, there isn’t that speed.

The basis of making my speed fast in service is:

– Whilst seeing others moving forward,

I constantly consider that to enable others to move forward is to move forward myself.


The word “I” is the door to ego. This one word makes me fly or fall

Baba, I realize that the word “I” is the door to ego. This one word makes me fly or fall.

Whenever I use the word “I” in soul consciousness it makes me fly but when I use the word “I” in body consciousness it makes me fall. In soul consciousness the original form of “I” the soul comes in front of me. In body consciousness “I” becomes „I am such-and-such a person”

Whenever I use the word “I” I ask myself “I WHO?” This helps me to do the drill of remembering my original incorporeal form.

I will constantly check this and instill this habit until it becomes natural.

As soon as I think „I”, the incorporeal form should enter my awareness.

This is the very first lesson that I have to pass.


The use of the word “I” can eventually make me free from arrogance of the body and so egoless if I use it with the right consciousness. I pay full attention to drill myself to remember that whenever I use the word “I” my incorporeal and original form should come in front of me instantly. Even when I do not speak but only think of the word “I” I bring this consciousness in front of me.

I realize that this is an easy method to become incorporeal and subtle. This effort will enable me to become incorporeal one moment then a subtle angel the next moment to carry out my task.

Throughout the day I think or say the word “I” many times, may be twenty five to thirty times. I realize that using the word “I” with the right consciousness each time can become an easy method to make my qualifications equal to my aim.


Baba, I realize that I use the words “I and mine” everyday. There is the consciousness of „I” and the consciousness of „mine”.

Now I transform this consciousness of „I” and the consciousness of „mine”.

When I use the word “I” I have the practice of remembering I, the incorporeal soul and whenever I use the word mine I remember My Baba.

I realize that I cannot stay without using the words „I” and „mine” on a daily basis.

I have to use them and I have this habit of „I” and „mine”. The sanskars of „I” and „mine” have become very firm over a long period of time.

So whenever I use the word „I”, at that time, I think: Who am I? I am not a body. Body consciousness comes when I consider „I” to be the body.

I say the body is mine. I do not say I, the body. I do not say even by mistake that I am the body?

The word „I” is one that gives awareness and power.

I take the determination to transform this „I” and „mine”.

Baba you have made me a true world transformer.

I transform the meaning of the word „I” and “Mine” . Whenever I use the word „I”, I stabilize myself in that form. Whenever I use the word „mine”, I remember “My Baba” first of all.

Throughout the day, I have many things for which I say „mine”.

-„My nature,

-my sanskars,

-my things,

-my family,

-my centre,

-my students,

-my service”,

– „Why did this one do my service?”

I play this game of “I and mine” throughout the day.

Now there is no time to play games.

So when I use the word „mine”, then first of all, I remember who „mine” is. I remember „My Baba” then I remember all „my other things”.

I now look at and use the words „I” and „mine” with that attitude, with that vision and with that meaning.

I realize that I use the words „I” and „mine” many times. I repeat these words „I” and mine”, whether I say them or whether I think about them in the mind.

I will transform the meaning. I will not think of „mine” in the limited sense. I have to go into the unlimited. I ask myself, if I am to be a soul who is to transform the whole unlimited world, why do I go into the limited?

The world means unlimited.


The consciousness of “MINE” in the food we eat

For Brahmins when there is no consciousness of “MINE”, the food we eat is from the treasure-store of Shiva, the Father, and the kitchen of Brahma, the father.

We eat from the Brahma Baba’s kitchen. This is why the food we eat is Brahma bhojan.

-Those Brahmins who live in a household do not eat from their own income.

-those in a centre do not eat from the kitchen of the centre, but eat from the kitchen of Brahma, the father; they eat from the treasure-store of Shiva, the Father.

The household is not ours; the centre is not ours. If we are living in a household, we are a trustees, we are instruments according to Baba’s shrimat.

If we are in a centre, we are in Baba’s centre, not ours.

This is why it is always the treasure-store of Shiva, the Father, and the kitchen of Brahma, the father.

With this awareness, the kitchen and the treasure-store will always remain full; it will remain overflowing.

[Sada Shiv Baap ki bhandari hai, Brahma Baap ka bhandara. Iss smriti se Bhandari bhi bharpur rehagi ,to bhandara bhi bharpur rehaga]

If we have the consciousness of 'mine’, the treasure-store will not flourish.

If there is anything lacking in any way, it is because, instead of the consciousness of Baba, there is the impurity of the consciousness of 'mine’.


The consciousness of “MINE” has golden and silver strings which prevent me from being ever-ready.

I realize that to be ever-ready means to go as soon as I receive an order.

I ask myself-If BapDada were to tell me to go now, would I go?

If I were think:

Let me make a phone call to let the people at my home know that I am going. What if I do not get the telephone line ?

Then the people at my home will wonder where I have gone.

What about if I remember that I have to place all my things in their correct place and then go!

Is this being ever-ready? No!

I have to become free from bondage.

The soul just flies within one second.

I have to check from now that there are still no golden or silver strings remaining.

Iron is gross and so it is visible, but gold and silver attract.

To be ever-ready I need to be free from the consciousness of “mine”.

Together with body consciousness, the greatest consciousness of „mine”, is that there are many golden and silver strings of the arrogance of the self.

Therefore, I need to check with a subtle and refined intellect that no type of temporary intoxication is a cord that becomes instrumental in holding me back.


The consciousness of “I” is the reason for reducing the speed of effort and becomes the easiest gate of Maya:

I am karanhar and Baba is karavanhar but if instead of having the awareness of karanhar [the one who does],

I consider myself to be karavanhar [the one who inspires it to be done], it becomes a gate for maya .

If I think I am getting it done instead of Baba it becomes the gate of maya.

I have to completely close this gate. I have to close it in such a way that Maya is not able to easily open it and enter through it.

I must always remember that I am the one doing but it is the Father who is inspiring me to do it.

I am karanhar and Baba is Karavanhar.

I, the soul, am the one who performs actions through these physical organs.

Through this, whilst performing action, I will not be influenced, either in a good way or a bad way.


How does the consciousness of “I” or “mine” affect my account of accumulation?

Something goes into my account of accumulation or in the account of waste depending on if there is the consciousness of “I” and “mine”.

When does it go into my account of accumulation?

Something goes in my account of accumulation

-when I use it in a worthwhile and

-when there is no consciousness of “I” or “mine”.

Beloved BapDada has the account of accumulation of all the children with Him.

When does it go into the account of waste?

If there is the consciousness of “I” or “mine” it is credited in the account of waste.

It has to do with the first lesson of “I” and the consciousness of “mine”.

-“I did this.”

-“This is my service and my task.”

Why does this happen?

There is this subtle machinery that is automatically working and it is so fast we are not even aware of it.

At the time of accumulating I may feel that I am accumulating, but it is automatically deducted from my account of accumulation and credited to the account of waste.

My realization is that to accumulate multimillion-fold I must say “BABA, “BABA”. “Baba made this happen.” “This is Baba’s service. It is not my service.”

If I say “I” or have the consciousness of “mine”, it will be transferred to the account of waste.


The consciousness of “I” and creation of heir quality souls:

When the original jewels emerged at the beginning for the service of establishment the word they constantly used was “Baba, Baba”. This was why Baba’s heirs were created. This was the result of saying, “Baba, Baba”. There was not the consciousness of “I”

Now, very few heir-quality souls come to Baba. Why? “Baba” is mixed with the consciousness of “I”.

Ref 31 12 97


The consciousness of „I and mine”, the door to arrogance becomes an obstacle to my becoming an angel:

I realize that the first step causing obstructions to becoming an angel is the renunciation of body consciousness and the second step, which is more subtle, is to let go of the arrogance of the body.

-Body consciousness and

– the arrogance of the body.

Body consciousness is something common, but the more knowledgeable and yogi that I become, the more the arrogance of the body causes obstructions.

There are many types of arrogance that emerge:

-the arrogance of my own intellect,

-the arrogance of my elevated sanskars,

-the arrogance of my good nature,

-the arrogance of my specialities,

-the arrogance of my special talent,

-the arrogance of the success in my service.

This subtle arrogance of the body is even deeper than body consciousness.

The consciousness of „I and mine” is the door of arrogance.

So, an angel does not just mean to be beyond body consciousness or the attraction of the body, or to be beyond the physical relations of the body, but an angel means to be beyond and detached from the connection of the subtle arrogance of the body.

The sign of those who have arrogance is that where there is arrogance, they also very quickly feel insulted. This is because the door of „I and mine” is open.

The correct form of an angel is

-to be beyond body consciousness and,

– in terms of the body, beyond the arrogance of the body.

If I have any virtue or any power, why do I forget the Bestower?

The easy method to become detached from this is just one word, Karankaravanhar. This one word has so much power that body consciousness and the arrogance of the body can be finished for all time.

Baba who is Karankaravanhar is inspiring me to do it. The word Karankaravanhar finishes both body consciousness and arrogance of the body.

Baba is Karankaravanhar.

Father Brahma became powerful and an angel by constantly having the awareness of Karankaravanhar Baba. I have to follow the father.


The consciousness of “mine” is a burden that prevents me from becoming an angel:

I experience myself to be double-light, an angelic soul. To be double-light means that the soul is light and the angelic form of the soul is that of light.

Even whilst performing actions, I perform them in the angelic stage.

I have given all my burdens to the Father. I do not consider even some things to be mine. I feel like a true emperor who does not have even a shell.

Since even the body does not belong to me, then the companions of the body i.e

– the possessions of the body, and

– the bodily relations,

– the body, mind and wealth, all belong to You Baba.

I cannot have the slightest consciousness of „mine”. The consciousness of „mine” is a burden and a burden brings me down; it does not allow me to become an angel. If there is any consciousness of „mine”, that is, any feeling of my sanskars, my nature, my feelings, then there is a burden, and those with a burden cannot fly; they cannot become angels.

To be an angel means there shouldn’t be the slightest trace of the consciousness of „mine”.


The elevated relationship with the Father finishes the bondage of MINE in all other connections:l

Method: If I say, „It is yours”, then the bondage of „mine” finishes.

The thread of attachment is that of the limited consciousness of „mine”.

I can call it a thread, a chain or a rope. It is this that ties me in bondage. But now that I say „Everything is Yours”, and now that all relationships have been linked with One, then bondage [bandhan]finishes, and there is only the relationship[bandna].

If there is the feeling of any form of bondage, whether of the body, of nature, of sanskaras, or that of the mind to another then this indicates that there is some weakness

-in the experience, or

-in the constancy of all relationships with the Father.


To become confused or disheartened in family situations is a sign that there is still the consciousness of “mine”.

Everything is now going to the extreme, and so there will of course be problems in the family.

I cannot think that this should not happen or that should happen.

I have to be a trustee, be a detached observer, take power from Baba and find a solution.

If I think as a householder there will be even more problems.

I have to first of all become a completely detached trustee.

– Nothing is „mine”. There should not be the consciousness of „mine”:

-„My name will be spoilt;

-I will be defamed;

-this is my child,

-my mother-in-law does this to me!”

Everything happens when there is the consciousness of „mine”.

If the intellect ever gets turned in another direction due to any confusion, then there is still the consciousness of „mine”. No matter how much I try to solve the problem, it becomes even more confusing.

I must not become disheartened in any situation!

I have made a firm promise that I am God’s child. Even Maya cannot make me shake in this. I have made a firm promise and I have the faith that I am God’s child; so if even God’s child becomes disheartened, then who would be the one with a big heart? Would it be someone other than me? I must now become powerful and make the lesson of „son shows the father” firm.

Some children experience freedom from bondage through having all relationships constantly, and some children link a relationship only occasionally, that is, for their own reasons and motives. This is why they experience bondage sometimes and relationship sometimes.

And this is why they also remain divorced from the alokik, spiritual happiness of the Brahmin life.

In this state they are neither able to stay content with themselves, nor are they able to claim the blessings of contentment from others.

This Brahmin life is a life of

-the most elevated relationships,

-the life in which to claim blessings from Baba and the entire Brahmin family.’

Blessings means : good wishes, good feelings and hopes.

The birth of us Brahmins has been or the basis of BapDada’s blessings and good wishes for us all.

Baba has said: you are the fortunate, elevated special souls.

It is through the remembrance of this blessing and these pure desires and hopes that we Brahmins have taken a new birth, a new life; we must constantly continue to take these blessings.

This is the speciality of the Confluence Age: that, the basis of all this is the most elevated relationship,

-the relationship that finishes the chains of 'my’ and „mine”, that finishes bondage in a second.