Ruling power


In today’s world many people have natural instinct to control others. They enjoy the power generated by controlling others. So, they go to any extent, use all different tactics, increase their military strength and armaments etc. But history proves that no one can rule entire world with force. It is a law that the kingdom of the world can’t be attained with force. You can’t control even a human being with force. You can rule on his body, but not the soul. No one likes to be controlled; everyone loves freedom, wants liberation (Mukti or Moksha).

Here, in spirituality, it is not a matter of controlling others. It is controlling the self! What is the scenario now with the self? Our sense organs demand whatever they want and we helplessly work to fulfill their demands. Against doctor’s advice, at the cost of one’s own life a drunkard continues with his addiction. In spite of diabetic, the patient wants to eat what he should not. Eyes want to see sex, violence etc… Ears are interested in listening to juicy stories of gossip. Who is ruling/controlling our life? The self or the body?

Besides these, the mind makes us to dance to its tunes. It creates such thoughts, takes such an attitude that we have to repent in future. The intellect gets carried away by the emotions, feelings and instincts that lead to wrong decisions, improper judgments creating loss and suffering in future. The general observation is that 80% or even more, of our actions are based on habitual sanskars! So, who is controlling? The self or subtle organs!

What about vices! Greed, Anger, Ego, Jealousy, hatred etc? They are ruling the world! They are root cause of human poverty, suffering, sorrow and peacelessness! There are cases of the highest authorities of the nation found involved in corruption (Greed) or having illegitimete relationship (Lust) or being dectators (Ego) etc. Keeping their position at stake they are crossing the limit, why? They can’t control their desires; their desires are controlling them! So, who is Master, the person or the vices? People are becoming slaves of the vices; vices are ruling the entire world.

Example : Alexander, the world conqueror was asked by his wife to bring a saint from India as she was curious to meet one. So, before leaving India he went to a saint. He was sitting on a tiger-skin in a lotus posture with half closed eyes and doing Tapasya. Alexander said, 'Hey saint, I am Alexander the great. I want to take you to my country, will you come? I offer you lot of wealth.’ The saint kept mum, never responded. He remained engrossed in his penance. Alexander waited for some time and again requested the saint. However there was still no response. He still shown his patience and made the same request. No response at all. This happened about five to six times. Every time Alexander’s voice was getting louder as he got irritated initially and gradually his anger was rising. Finally he shouted, 'Hey saint, do you know who is talking with you? I am the world-conqueror Alexander. I am ordering you to come with me to my country right now or else I will cut your head away from your body in one blow of my sword.’ Finally, the saint opened his mouth with a smile on his face and said, 'You are the slave of my slave and how can you claim to be world-conqueror? Anger is my slave and you are the slave of Anger!’
Today’s world is slave of vices, Maya, Ravan!

In a nutshell, unless we develop‘self-control and self-rule’ over the sense organs, subtle organs, and vices, our life will be miserable. Control, conquer and rule!

Indriajeet – conquering the sense organs,
The body and bodily organs are made up of five elements of nature, so it results into —

Prakritijeet – conquering the five elements of nature,

Mayajeet – conquering the vices,

Mohajeet – conquering the attachment.
To achieve this, one has to make fast and intense efforts day and night and so doing we become –

Needrajeet – conqueror of sleep.

We have already seen controlling and ruling is not effective and possible by force. We even should not think to suppress, repress or ignore, but to learn to transform. We can transform or win them by love. Love, respect and humility can touch a person’s heart. Love is the only great force which can make a person to perform impossible feat with love and out of love. With Love and Respect, a heart of a hard-core criminal can be melted.

To conquer the vices we have to transform them with positive pure energy; anger can be transformed by power of tolerance, patience; lust by pure, soul-conscious love; greed by contentment; attachment by the balance of detachment and love etc. When we finally win them they will serve us as servants. The memorial of which is shown as Narayan is sleeping on the bed of vices (Shesh shayya) and enjoying the supersensus joy and the vices (snake Shesh) hold the canopy on his head. Shrikrishna is also shown dancing on the hood of Kalia, the snake having five mouths, each representing a vice. Similarly, when the sense organs become subservient the nature (Prakriti) will serve us and we will be known as Prakritipati.

Controlling and ruling power improve our power of concentration. Our efforts are directed or focused towards our aim. At this point of time which is known as confluence age, the confluence of two kalpas, our aim and objective (Lakshya) and the corresponding signs (Lakshan) are to –

1. Become a Farishta/Angel — The angel is a being of light, having body of light, decorated with light and rays of purity/light are emerging through his eyes. He has a crown of light and the Jewel in the centre of the forehead is brilliantly glowing/radiating. He is an enlightened soul with no burden of unrighteous actions (Vikarmas) on his head and no bondages to tie him down. He is free, double light and has a flying stage. He has wings of Knowledge and Yoga with his Father, he also has wings of Courage and Zeal and Enthusism. He doesn’t keep his foot on the Earth, foot of divine intellect, which means he is not trapped in the attraction of material things. He has no relation with human beings. However, has a concern for them. He has all relations with his beloved Father, God Himself. Being concerned and merciful towards all, in general and the human race in particular, he brings the message of God for them. So, he is God’s messenger, God’s helper. He is a light and might house. He spreads the rays of all the virtues for which the God is praised as the Ocean or the Sun (of love, peace, purity, mercy, forgiveness…..knowledge etc.) in the ocean of the negativity of the world. He draws the might from the Almighty Authority and gives the current (Sakash), the power to the weak souls.

2. Attain Karmateet Stage : They are not action conscious. Actions are not pulling them. It doesn’t mean they are irresponsible. But they are carrying out their actions in a detached way. They had already settled of their past sinful actions (Vikarmas), so the actions of past will not create obstacles, hurdles (Karma Bhog) in their path of progress. They will perform their actions selflessly, for the benefit of all without expecting returns, though they are aware the return will automatically come. „Kar bhalaa aur daryaa me daal” will be their attitude. What the right hand is doing left is not aware. Sarvansh tyaagi! They are beyond the influence of the fruit of the action. They are aware of the fact that they will be getting the fruit of the action depending upon the quality of the action they perform, but they are not carrying out the action in the expectation of the fruit of the action.

They are not carrying out the actions for the praise or defamation, for name or fame.
Others’ actions can’t influence them.
Others can’t dare to perform any unrighteous action in front of them due to the power of their purity.
They will not think too much. The thought will arise in their mind which is going to happen, going to realize.

3. Bapsaman Stage : Bapsaman means like the Father and equal to the Father. They are like Shivbaba ‘in being’. They are just very naturally (master) ocean of peace, ocean of purity, ocean of love…etc. Very naturally that, absolutely effortless. Nirakari.

And like Brahmababa in reflecting the being state into ‘doing’ the actions vice less (Nirvikari) and egoless(Nirahankari).

They will imitate or copy the Father in every activity, walking, talking, and moving around. (Follow the Father)
They will have limitless love, compassion and respect for all; they will give regard to others’ opinion.
They will motivate, inspire, encourage, and fill hope and enthusiasm in others.
They will constantly sit on the seat of self-respect gracefully with dignity like Dhruv and no one can destabilise them.
On the controry they will extend their hand to uplift the one who is sinking or insulting them.

This is a humble attempt to enlist the signs of the various stages we have to attain at this present time. The reward (Fortune: Laxmi and Narayan) and its signs we all know very well.

This power can be defined as – Turning our mind whenever we want, wherever we want in a second and stabilise in that state as much time as we want.

By being a Master of this power putting a full-stop in a second will become an easy art. This power is very much needed to transform our sanskars. This power will work as a brake and we can steer our mind in the direction we want it to move. „Pause – Think – Steer” This can help us to check and change; moulding nature can be developed with this.

Baba says, ‘Child, the self- sovereignty will lead to the world- sovereignty.’

om shanti