Your Number (1-108)

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1. Say with your heart, “My Baba! Sweet Baba, Thank You Baba!”
2. Be present in the gathering.
3. Do not pay attention to gossip and rumours.
4. Remain pure even in your dreams.
5. Always speak the truth.
6. Keep the aim of becoming like Lakshmi and Narayan in front of you.
7. Relate your good experiences to others.
8. Sit in solitude and converse with Shiv Baba.
9. Do not make yourself a master, but a trustee.
10. Tell about your weaknesses to the seniors.
11. Constantly stay in elevated company.
12. Be an embodiment of solutions, not of problems.
13. Together with giving correction, also be forgiving.
14. Eat and feed others in God’s remembrance.
15. Connect your heart with the new world.
16. Daily take three tablets of patience, peace and love.
17. Let your words be sweet.
18. Use everything of yours for spiritual service.
19. Give everyone God’s message.
20. Consider everything to be God’s property entrusted to you by God.
21. Distribute the “holy offering” of attainment to everyone.
22. Become incorporeal, viceless and egoless.
23. Have the awareness, “I am God’s student.”
24. Remember: I am God’s specially beloved child.
25. Play your part considering yourself to be a hero actor.
26. Be a child with a child and enjoy yourself.
27. Consider the world to be your family.
28. Say “Om shanti” to everyone with a lot of love.
29. Bathe twice in knowledge daily.
30. Check the chart of your weaknesses and change yourself.
31. Remember the childhood of your Brahmin life.
32. Use your specialities for Godly service.
33. Daily go on a pilgrimage of the four places with your intellect.
34. Show our lovely Madhuban to everyone.
35. Distribute the gift of happiness to everyone.
36. Talk to God from your heart.
37. Perform the drill of the five forms.
38. Turn the beads of the rosary of selfrespect every morning.
39. Listen to and relate the murli of knowledge.
40. Make Baba your partner in the wealth you earn.
41. Continually have a vision of the self.
42. Relate the praise of the pilgrimage of Abu to everyone.
43. Resolve problems understanding the problems of others.
44. Remain content with whatever you have received.
45. Increase your account of accumulation with God’s remembrance.
46. Give sakaash to even the five elements.
47. See the star shining on the forehead of each one.
48. Imbibe the virtue of introversion.
49. Remain distant from the intoxication of name, respect and honour.
50. Do not go into the expansion of anything wasteful or negative.
51. Tour around in your angelic dress.
52. Do not repeat the same mistake again and again.
53. Tour around in the golden-aged world.
54. Continue to give regard to everyone.
55. Imbibe cleanliness of the mind and body.
56. Exercise the mind as well as the body.
57. Look at your face in the mirror.
58. Put a full stop in a second.
59. At amrit vela, place BapDada’s hand over your head.
60. Make the elements satopradhan.
61. Hoist Shiv Baba’s flag in every home.
62. Chant the chant of “om” every day.
63. Become doubly non-violent.
64. Sprinkle the rose water of peace and happiness on whoever you meet.
65. Swing in the swings with BapDada.
66. Do not attach your heart to any bodily beings.
67. Be faithful to your Beloved with your heart.
68. Completely sacrifice yourself to Shiv Baba.
69. Pass in all four subjects.
70. Become one with a karma yogi life.
71. Use your rights at the right time.
72. Cremate your old sanskars.
73. Fulfil your responsibilities very well.
74. Follow Father Shiva’s shrimat at every step.
75. Change the lokik into alokik.
76. Do not hurry.
77. Take support of the shield of the drama.
78. Consider obstacles to be a test-paper and pass in them.
79. Practice being bodiless for one minute every hour.
80. Have the thought: I have to change first.
81. Become an all-round server.
82. Do not hide anything.
83. Create new inventions for service.
84. Do not listen to any talk about others.
85. Do not give your co-operation for a wrong task.
86. Share spiritual love with everyone.
87. Become a master of one speciality.
88. Take help from BapDada.
89. Do not stand in the queue of questions.
90. Never lose courage.
91. Perform every action knowing the deep philosophy of actions.
92. Maintain the intoxication of being part of the unlimited Brahmin family.
93. Forget things of the past.
94. Churn the ocean of knowledge.
95. Continue to give happiness to many others.
96. Donate the diamonds and jewels of knowledge.
97. Take pleasure of just the present.
98. Always follow the Godly disciplines and codes of conduct.
99. Continue to imbibe virtues from everyone.
100. Continue to look for the benefit in every scene.
101. Continue to take blessings from everyone.
102. Continue to read and study about the divine character of Mama and Baba.
103. Specially practise maintaining your self-respect.
104. Increase your stock of pure thoughts.
105. Continue to listen to the new music of knowledge.
106. Definitely celebrate a meeting with God at amrit vela.
107. Remember the moments of happiness in your life.
108. Listen to and see the elevated avyakt versions of BapDada through the means provided.

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