Touching power & Catching power

So far, we have discussed many powers, their benefits, the virtues they sustain etc. But the key question is how to attain these powers? What is the method? Who and where is the source? They say, earn, beg, or steal!

Yes, the virtues can be stolen! In fact, you can see someone who is executing his virtue through his action and behaviour. This is a live example which then one can easily copy. So, copy & paste (in our sub-conscious) is also an easy method.

Another method ( Method to Earn) is shown in the middle of our eight power’s chart.
Locate (the source) —> Connect (to the source) —> Relate (with it) –> Radiate (like Him)

In fact, this is meditation! Meditation is union, a link! Link of love! Link yourself to the reservoir and it flows into you. How easy and simple!

This series, I sense, is appearing due to power of touching and catching. He gives touching and we are to catch. We have to cut ourselves off from the world, worldly people, worldly material comforts and even the individual body, become detached, free from everything and to log on to Him. We should be introvert, our antenna should be constantly connected to Him and the energy will flow in that soul who is linked. Concentration is essential for an uninterupted energy flow. It can be developed by regular and punctual practice. This entire process is incognito and invisible which can create doubt whether it works. That is Maya, very clever and shrewed! if we become prey to it that will lead us to a great fall! (Sanshay budhdhi vinashyati)

In introversion, we may listen to our inner voice, a touching, a caution, a signal of guidance, common-sense or sixth sense or whatever you may call. However, the connection can be maintained while eating, sitting, talking and moving around, as we are Karmayogis. And then you experience that you are sustained by His blessings. You experience His presence (Love & help) at every step. You feel every thing that is happening in your life is as if planned by someone with great accuracy and for your comfort. What is left in your hands is to sing the songs of His praise, praise of Drama and of your fortune! You are moving along under the hand of His blessings constantly on your head, and having a wonderful life!

Last time when Dadi Jankiji was to visit Lagos, I was entrusted a responsibility to arrange her TV program. Alhaji, the owner of the MiTV station was out of country. Hardly 4-5 days were left. Everyone from the core group was asking me about the status of the program. I was undisturbed, calm and quiet. I went to the station, I reached there without much of traffic jam (go slow) on the way. I was told he has not yet come from the foreign country he was visiting. And suddenly a big flashy car came, the Shaffer opened the door and Alhaji came out. We exchanged greetings. He invited me to his office. I explained him about Dadiji’s visit.

An enlightened yogi with most stable mind in the world, acclaimed by scientists is visiting our country for a very short stay. It is in fact fortune of all of us as she is visiting the country and we will be benefited with her wealth of wisdom and her mere presence. I added, ‘it is my wish that she should step in your studio and bless this place, yourself and your organization. I know it is a very short notice, but I request you to arrange her program, live and on the prime time on coming Sunday. As you were out of station I couldn’t approach earl …….’ He cut me in between and spoke, ‘It’s not your problem now it is my problem! It will be done.’ Immediately he called his program manager, instructed her and asked me to be in touch with her.

Generally, that time of the day Alhaji goes to his head-office first and comes to the TV station in the evening. However, that day he came directly to the station. Who had touched his intellect?
The entire event was planned accurately, went smoothly, the persons involved were touched to be there to enact their parts.

I have a lot many experiences of His touching in service, in problems and confusion etc. I strongly feel that I am moving like a puppet and He is the one who is inspiring me to move onunder His guidance. This life is very beautiful!

Those who are practicing Raj-Yoga must be experiencing this phenomenon, if not to-day, they will surely experience it in the near future.

Baba says, 'child, in case you couldn’t catch Baba’s signals, your legs would take you to the place of safety.


हमको हमारे बाबासे प्यारा मंत्र मिला, सोचो भला करो भला !!!!!